Best way to rank website in google- cool tips

Best way to rank website- Best tips

Best way to rank website: New blogger or website owner struggle to make their website first position in google. Every blogger have a dream to show their website in first position of google search. But this is not easy for the first time. You have to do many hard work for your website.

A lot of people look for technical tricks for SEO and ignore the big picture. You need both. Your SEO strategy is every bit as important as SEO tactics. There are more than 200 SEO factors that go into rankings, but here are a few of the more important SEO factors that I’ve experienced, both tactical and strategic.

Best way to rank website

Best way to rank website

You must follow some rules to make first position your blog site in google search. You can get lots of tips in google or internet but today i am going to share some more important tips about best way to rank website in google.

Here is the best tips for best way to rank website in google-

Best way to rank website:

  • Try not to repeat content.
  • Try to get linked from other, relevant and high quality websites.
  • Try to make sure your outgoing links are relevant to the content of your site (rel=”nofollow” for ones that aren’t, such as ads).
  • Give each page a relevant (and unique) title.
  • Add in a meta description to each page describing the contents or purpose. Keep in mind that meta descriptions are not used as much today.
  • Mark up your site using, if applicable, to display rich snippets.
  • Build a sitemap for your website and submit it using the Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Keep content unique and relevant to your website.
  • Use HTML correctly (<hn> tags, titles and alt attributes on images).
  • Try to use relevant keywords in the URL.
  • Ensure a fast load time.
  • Use HTTPS for everything.
  • Make sure that your site is mobile friendly and use the mobile friendly test.

Hope if you follow those criteria, you will be in better position in google. Just you need to follow those. It is actually not very hard but you have to give time to do that.

Thanks to all for reading.

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