Excel shortcut tips who are looking for job

Excel shortcut tips who are looking for job

Excel shortcut tips: I am starting writing blog for share my ideas and tips to the others. By this thinking i was started this nobels blog few days ago.

Today i am going to write for those peoples who are looking for job. In this article you will know about some shortcut tips about Microsoft Excel sheet.

For getting a job sometimes you need to know about basic computer. You must have knowledge in Microsoft Word. If you are excellent in Microsoft Word it will help you to get a job.

Excel shortcut tips who looking for job

Excel shortcut tips who looking for job

For Microsoft excel, For fast working you need to follow some tips or rules. By practicing those tips you can be a master in Microsoft Excel.

Excel Shortcut tips:

Ctrl+Arrow : Cursor will move to right, left, up, down.

Ctrl+Home : Cursor Will take place in starting of article.

Ctrl+End : Cursor will take place in the end of the article.

Ctrl+Page Up : Will go to the previous page or worksheet.

Ctrl+Page Down : Will go to the next page or worksheet.

Atl+Page Up : Take place in first column of Document.

Atl+Page Down : Take place in last column of Document.

Atl+Enter : Create next line by double clicking the field.

Shift+TAB : Go one by one from down to up of field.

Ctrl+1 : Change the font, border Number.

Ctrl+2 : Bold font.

Ctrl+3 : Make font italic.

Ctrl+4 : Make a underline.

Ctrl+5 : Give a strike through in the middle of article.

Ctrl+7 : Move the standard toolbar.

Ctrl+9 : Row Delete.

Ctrl+0 : Column Delete.

Atl+F1 : Add chartsheet eith Worksheet.

Atl+F2 : Save as.

Ctrl+F3 : Open the define dialogue box.

Ctrl+F4 : Close the file.

Ctrl+F5 : Different window with different file.

Ctrl+F8 : Open dialogue box for creating Marco.

Ctrl+F9 : Minimize file.

Ctrl+F10 : Different window with file name.

Ctrl+F11 : Add Macrosheet with WorkSheet.

Ctrl+F12 : Open Dialogue box.


There also some wonderful function like L.C.M , G.C.M Determination, Square root Determination etc.

Example for GCD:



Answer: 4


LCM Function:


= LCM(24,36)

Answer: 72


Square Root:

Syntax: SQRT(81)

Answer: 9



= POWER(5,2)

Here 5 is a number and 2 is a square. The answer will be 25.



syntax = ROUND(18.378,2)

Answer: 18.38



= NOW()

for month: Month())

for year: YEAR())

Finding a Date:

= WEEK DAY(“01/01/1990”)

Answer: 6 ( Friday)


Hope this tips will help to be a great in Excel. 🙂


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