Facebook live- How to use new feature facebook live

How to use facebook new feature facebook live

Hi folks, Do you know facebook has brought a new features? Now a days it is going to so much viral. Every facebook user going to a live streaming on their own facebook profile.

facebook make a simple change for this. But there is many people has found that they dont know the using of facebook live video.

Here i am come for to tech you how can you enable this new feature on your device. It is very simple.

Now, lets start todays little tips:

How to use facebook live

How to use facebook live


  1. Go to your facebook account using your facebook.
  2. Go to status update option.
  3. Click on status update option and a page will popup for status update.
  4. Then you have to click on “go to live” option.

How to use facebook live

Then write a description on “Describe your live video” and then click on the right side button “go live” to start the live video.

Thats all actually. Hope you people can live on facebook profile from right now without any problem.


Thanks for reading this small but valuable tips. Dont forget to share. 🙂

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