How to fix Wamp server and skype conflict port 80

Fix Wamp server and skype

Hello everyone, Hope you all are enjoying my new blog tutorials. As i am a new learner, my intention is that i will share my ideas and learning topics with peoples by blogging.

I am very interested to learn programming languages. Yesterday i was study about some basic things about php language.

If you are working with client side language like php, you surely make your pc host and it is called localhost.

I have also installed skype in my pc as you need. We all are know that skype is for text messages and for video call sharing application.

But do you know when you are using both skype and wamp there will start a problem? You will be worried that your  Wamp server doesn’t Work properly.

Today i will give you just simple tips about how you can enable wamp when you also using skype at the same time.

So, guys here is the small tips how can you get rid from problem. Please follow this instruction only:


Fix Wamp server and skype conflict port 80

  • They both use port 80 which causes the conflict you know.
  • Go to your skype account and sign in.
  • Go to Tools.
  • Then go to options.
  • Click on Advance from options.
  • Then new window will open.

Now look at this picture:

How to fix Wamp server and skype conflict port 80

How to fix Wamp server and skype conflict port 80


  • Just uncheck the box, (see the red mark).
  • Now sign out from your skype account and sign in again.
  • Your final work is restart your wamp server and you can see that your wamp server turn green.

You can also see this video, Hope this video also very helpful to you-

Its very simple tips about get rid from  Wamp server and skype conflict port 80.

This little tips – Fix Wamp server and skype will help i think. If you have any question or doubt about that you can feel free ask me anything just comment your words on the comment box.

I will give you a solution surly.

Enjoy! 🙂

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