Get online marketplace job tips and tricks for new freelancer

Get online marketplace job tips and tricks

Get online marketplace job tips and tricks

Today i will share some killer tips about how you get online marketplace job easily. There is many marketplace where people post various kind of job. There freelancer can apply by sign up first.

But one thing is that, many freelancer apply for a job. So here is a question that how can you hired by a buyer from many freelancer? You have to follow some rules and some trick to get your dream job.

I am going to tell some trick about get online marketplace job now:

Get online marketplace job tips and tricks

  1. Many people get their job by applying 4/5 several job application only, here also many people apply for 100+ jobs but dont get any job from marketplace. What is the reason for that?

It will depends sometime how little budget you have applied for a specific job. Make a reliable budget for a job. It will make a great chance to get online marketplace job.


  1. See, there is many buyer who has not get verified. Dont make a application for their job. Because if a buyer want to hire a contractor, the buyer is to verified their payment method.

So remember all the time that when you are going to apply for a job please check the buyer bio carefully.


  1. If a job post in a marketplace try to apply immediate. It would be a  great chance to get online marketplace job. But here is another thing you have to see that when you will apply for a job, write a great cover letter by reading the job details.

Dont write cover letter without reading the job details. Try to be careful about job details and write cover letter.


  1. Get a online marketplace job, you have to spend much more time on online marketplace. Because in a marketplace here some works is to deliver within very short time.

Suppose, you may give a vote on specific site or in a facebook shortly, may fix website within very short time etc.So, try to spend much more time on online marketplace, thats why if any buyer try to contact, you can reply immediate and the buyer can trust on you about your job responsibility.


  1. In a online marketplace you can see here that post a new job every moment, try to apply to them first. When a contractor has taken any interview already try to dont apply to these type job again.


  1. When a job is publish, if you dont meet the conditions of the job then try to apply. Suppose, if buyer want your feedback score at least 4.00, work hours at least 100hr, if you meet this conditions then it would be better to dont applying.

It is actually depend on you. Many buyer just check the freelancer confidence. If you can make great cover letter for such kid of job and if you make the buyer trustable to you about the job then it will be extra benefit for you.


  1. If you have done only 2/4 jobs in online, and you want to bid higher budget now then try to see the previous work budget of buyer which is listed below of the job you want to bid.

If you see the buyer spend much more previously then you can also try to make higher budget if you want.Dont try to bid any kind of job if you dont know the job accurately. It will be negative point for you.


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