Graphics tips and information about job opportunities

Graphics tips and information about job opportunities

Graphics tips and information

Graphics tips and information

Graphics tips: The demand of graphics increasing day by day and peoples interested in graphics much more then before. You don’t need no much more educated to learn graphics. It is easy than SEO. Thats why who want to work in online dependent on learning graphics to work.

Working area of graphics:

  • Website PSD Template Design
  • Web banner Design
  • Logo Design
Graphics tips and information

Graphics tips and information

  • Visiting card design
  • Digital Image Processing
  • T-shirt Design
  • Post-card Design
  • Brochure design
  • Mobile App Design
  • Icon Design
  • Advertise Design
  • Book cover design


Application you need to learn for graphics:

Outsourcing work related graphics Website:

Graphics tips and information

Graphics tips and information

Graphics Competition:,

Sell your Design:,

By bidding:,,,


Beside those there is more website about graphics work. If you know any one then please comment must in the comment section. I will include your suggestion with your reference.

Who are looking for graphic designer?

Graphics tips and information

Graphics tips and information

  • Digital Photographer
  • Graphics Design House
  • Printing House
  • Online retailer
  • E-commerce
  • Magazine/Newspaper agency
  • Catalog Company
  • Photo Studio
  • Showbiz/Fashion house
  • Web Developer
  • Advertise Company

How can you learn Graphics:

Step one:

You can get lots of tutorial in online about graphics Design. You may Brose or to get free/paid video tutorials to learn graphics design.

Step Two:

You have to learn many things. You must know some basic about operate of a computer. Here is the steps you have to follow now:

  • Scalling: You have to learn how to resize a picture
  • You have to gather knowledge about Color texture fill up
  • Learn the change of color
  • Delete anything of a picture and learn background removing
  • Picture Crop, Outline, Detection
  • Copy and paste, Drag and drop, DuplicateFlip/rotate a picture
  • Learn Move, Nudge
  • New layer creation and layer effect
  • Using of color
  • Using of gray scale and negative
  • Texture, Special effect, Posterize, Pixelize, Emboss, Blur, SharpenBorder creation
  • using of scale
  • Idea of Background/ foreground
  • Icon and logo ideas
  • Page layout/column
  • Font sizing

Step three:

Now you can practice. Do some work to improve your portfolio. You may participate on contests also. It will give you idea about graphics trends. If you do more work with graphics it will make you more expert.

Finally search online market place which type of work release there. If you dont make yourself expert in graphics then you will not get work form the buyers.

Release your graphic works in different market place will encourage you and make you confident.


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