Index Backlink- Expert Tips and Tricks

Index Backlink- Some rules you need to know

Index Backlink: Very simply to say when your site is linked to another site is called backlink. Index Backlink is so much needed for SEO. Suppose, Forum posting, Directory Submission, Article submission, Blog Commenting, Social Bookmarking, Guest Blogging, etc. These must be in moderation.

Besides this, you have to create backlink for search engine which is support. You will not create anything which is not search friendly. For example-

  1. Natural Backlink
  2. Contextual Backlink
  3. Spam Free Backlink
  4. Related Backlink
  5. Internal Backlink

Now i am coming to the main point, Backlink will work when it will indexed. We are create Backlink usually but most of the time it is not indexed properly. As a result our work is go in vain actually.

Index Backlink

Index Backlink

Reason of not index Backlink:


I am saying again and again that “content is king”. But this is also wrong. It will be actually “quality content is king”!! Now you may ask what is quality content? Yeah, Unique article is called quality content. Google is not accept copy content. Most of the time backlink not indexed for duplicate content. So, you have to careful to write content.

No-follow Tag:

Many site link use no-follow tag. It means that search engine crawler dont permitted to go linking website. So it will not create any backlink. This no-follow tag is uses for stop spamming.

Spam Platform:

There is many software which is work for creating backlink. It is not allowed to the Google. You have to create backlink manually, by choosing page rank, domain authority


How to Create Backlink in simple way:


When you posting something new in your site, or updating something which is possibililty to come website ranking then you need to inform the change notice to the search engine crawler. The reason for this, Crawler index your article fast.

For pinging, there is paid and free service both. For a example-

24/7 Pinger
 Ping Farm

Second Tier Link:

Which link is connected to the main site is called first tier link. Now this first tier link if posted into another website then it will be backlink of first tier link. We are called the second banklink as second tier link. The main purposes of creating second tier link is that increasing authority and index them fast.


Main reason of Web 2.0 is to create Backlink. By using this you can create backlink easily and also create good backlink. This backlink helps search engine ranking and others ranking too.

Web 2.0 Site list download from here- Download Web 2.0 Site list

Social Signal:

Create RSS feed of social book marking for your every post. Submit to the RSS feed. For RSS feed you can use

Here i am giving you some backlink site which is helpful for you-





You may brows this article to know more SEO tools-

Best SEO tools every SEO experts should know

There is many article in internet of index backlink. Here i am just write some basic thing about index backlink. If you have any suggestion please comment below. It will help me to know more and i ofcourse share it with your courtesy.

Thanks for reading my article.

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