Installing Common Routers- Tips and Tricks

Installing Common Routers- Easy Steps

Installing Common Routers: physical Setup of Router with Computer:

Hi, this post is about installing common routers in computer. Many of us faces some trouble to installing router in computer.

In this article you are going to learn how can you do this.

Lets Start….

You have to connected your router to the PC before configuration. Firstly, all accessories bring out the box. Connect adapter with electricity. Then you have to connect the router with your broadband Internet.Here you will see a different port from others, you have to connect your net line to this port.


Now,  you have to connect the cable with one side of the router and another side with the computer network port.

Router configuration:

When a new wireless router connected to the network, there is no security or encryption setup process not enabled. So you have to change the admin  password of router default and factory settings after the connection of network to give the network security.

Process of Router Setup:

  1. First of all start a web browser to setup router. Then you have to enter to the browser by using a address which is appear in the behind of router. Generally it is by default. If you enter this address browser ask to give you user-name and password. Then you have to give the correct user-name and password to enter the admin panel. User-name and password appear behind the router generally. Maximum time the user-name and password is admin by default.
  2. After enter the admin panel go to ‘Quick Setup’ Menu. Then go to next step.
  3. Now you have to select your option according your need from ‘Internet access’.
  4.  You have to click this option now- “set the dial number.apn.username and password manually”. Then you have to give a dial up user-name and password of your broadband connection. Click next to go next step.

But here you have to remember that if your connection is dependent on IP or MAC address then you have to give the IP, Gateway, MAC address according to the ISP provider and then go to next.

5. When it will connected successfully give your Wifi name and password of your router.

You need to know the model of router before buy. Beside this different router has different settings. Most of the time you have log in to setup with this IP-

Your router have a IP, by using this setup in browser. Its generally to see.

Its really easy task to Installing Common Routers to your PC. If you face any kind of problem comment below.

Thanks for reading.

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