Mail account protection and keep secure for Yahoo User

Mail account protection and keep secure

Mail account protection and keep secure

Yahoo Mail account protection and keep secure

Mail account protection: Communicate with other peoples for any purposes Mail is the smart and right way. If you dont have any mail account yourself you are very far away from digital World. But it is hardly find who are not use Mail account.

In this digital world to make you digital you must need a Mail account. Without mail Account you are really valueless in Internet area.

If you are looking for a job, For applying any kind of job or for communication purposes, Office purposes you must need a mail account. To exchange information you also need a mail account.

“If you purchase something from On-line you must Need a Mail account”

So, may be you have learned the value of have a mail account yourself. In the previous article i wrote some basic computer tips ( Excel Shortcut tips and Computer Keyboard shortcut tips ) to get smart job and how can you will become a smart computer user by learning computer keyboard shortcut. Now it is the time to know some about Mail ID.Opening a mail id is so much easy. But recently it is heard that about some cyber crime, which may harm to your mail account. To protect your mail account you have to follow some rules.Few days ago, Yahoo announce to their user to change the password and give a strong password to protect account from Hackers. Today i will focus on Yahoo Mail id users to protect their account mainly.

Mail account protection and keep secure

Mail account protection and keep secure

Mail account protection and keep secure for Yahoo User:

      If you dont change your password of Yahoo mail from 2014 please change the password and give a stron one as soon as possible. Yahoo already announce about that to do this.There is many user who using Yahoo mail account for opening bank account,

Financial transactions and many more. Now you must change the all passwords immediately.

    When you are go for opening a mail account they ask you some security questions. If you forget your password to recover it the security questions will help you to get the account. If you think your security questions is leaked then change password and security questions.It will better to dont check Spam mail.When you log in to your mail account make sure to log out when you finished your work.And here is the final thing is that dont click “remember this browser” or “save password” when you log in to your account.

This is the some basic rules for Mail account protection and keep secure. Just remember that you must use strong password.


Hope you will be helpful for reading this article. 🙂

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