PHP best tutorial for beginners level to advance

PHP best tutorial for beginners level to advance: Step By Step php Part-1

PHP best tutorial for beginners:

Hi everyone, whats going on? Today i am going to started a brand new series tutorial about basic php.

PHP best tutorial for beginners level to advance

PHP best tutorial for beginners level to advance

Before learning php at first lets know about server side scripting:

Scripting is a synonyms of program actually. This actually a instruction set, when run its automatically work. Here server side means that this script is handle by server instead of user of computer. When someone visit a php web page, web server create some process php codes. For example, server will show the specific thing which is need to show (Picture, Content etc) and hide the files which is not need to show (math calculation,file operation etc), and finally it will transform the HTML to sent to the users browser.


What is php?

(PHP- Hypertext Preprocessor) This is called server side scripting language which is mainly using for web development purposes. Main theme is for PHP is that to make web page in short time with dynamically.

Before PHP what is need to know:

  • HTML. Speacially HTML Form.
  • There is extra advantages if you know about C language.

What are the necessary software:

You have to need web server which is support PHP. But for this you have to pay money. We are now learning process. So we will do it in localhost. For this reason  we need this kind of software which has given below:

Server Software:

  • A php compatible web server. For example Apache or nginx.
  • PHP (Download)
  • MYSQL Database.

Client Software:

  • Web browser. Such as firefox.
  • A text editor. ( Notepad++ , Brackets , NetBeans )


Additional Information for PHP best tutorial for beginners level to advance:

  • All PHP file will end with .php (login.php/test.php/sign_up.php)
  • Its support all platform. Means cross platform- windows/linux.
  • The name of managing committee of PHP is Zend.
  • You can create Blog, E-commerce and any kind of application in enterprise level or website by using php.

Thats the first lesson for today. I have cover just some basic thing of PHP in this first lesson. In the next lesson i will cover about php setup.

Hope you have enjoyed. Stay with me for the next.

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