PHP best tutorial for beginners level to advance (part-2)

PHP best tutorial

PHP best tutorial for beginners level to advance (part-2):

Hi guys, if have covered PHP Basic First Lesson then you will not face any problem to come this lesson. Everyone have client software we know, now just we have to install it. Client server Means, For example “apache“. Beside this you must install php and a database software like- MySQL, why you need this will describe later. This all software is free.

I think you all are already going to search google for this software, isnt it guys? But i give you a address for a software where you can get all of these in one package. You dont need to install manually. The name of this software is XAMPP.

For download XAMPP Click Here- XAMPP DOWNLOAD and install it as same as you install other software.

After finishing your install a icon will show in your desktop, Double click on it to open. If you want to go differently then go to the drive where you install XAMPP- here you can see a icon name XAMPP Control Panel. Suppose you install it on C Drive then the location will be- C:\Program Files\xampp Or C:\xampp.

Now just click on Start Button ( Apache and MySQL)

PHP best tutorial for beginners level to advance part 2

PHP best tutorial for beginners level to advance part 2

After starting of Apache and MySQL write this http://localhost on your browser address bar. The you will see a page like that- If face any problem Click on English:

PHP best tutorial for beginners level to advance part 2

PHP best tutorial for beginners level to advance part 2


If this page will show in your browser then your server has installed successfully. Now your PC act as a Local server. In the directory of xampp here you can get a directory name htdocs. All kind of project file will keep on htdocs directory.



WAMP is a software for windows. WAMP = Windows + Apache + MySQL + PHP.

If you are a windows user then you can use WAMP.


MAMP is for MAC PC. MAMP = Mac + Apache + MySQL + PHP.


LAMP is for linux system. MAMP= Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP


XAMPP = X ( Cross Platform) + APache + MySQL + PHP + Perl.

If you install xampp then you will get all the platform in one. These software works as like same. But Xampp most user friendly from others. For Linux, MAC, Windows, There is several version of xampp.

In this lesson we just setup our local server. That means we make our PC as a local server. For the next lesson we are going to code for PHP i hope. If you find this lesson is helpful for you or others then share it must. Dont forget to subscribe to my blog.

Thanks to all.

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