Starting a Blog- Some important things you should to know

Starting a Blog- Some important things you should to know

Starting a Blog: Do you want to start blogging? You are most welcome to start a blog. But do you know it is not easy? You have to take this seriously as you can build your career successfully in this area.

Without right direction you can not get the perfect result to start a blog.

So, If you want start a successful blog, Nobels Blog is always besides you.  You have to start a blog with a planning. You will not move forward without any planning of your blog. So what is those plan actually?

Here i come to write some important tips to start a blog:

The purpose of blogging:

Starting a Blog- Some important things you should to know

Starting a Blog- The purposes

We do work for many purposes in our life. So you have to know before that why you want to start a blog and what is the main purposes of blogging?

Why you are going to start blogging?  Do you want to start blog for just hobby or you want to income by blogging? Mainly everyone start blogging for those two purposes. Some are starting blogging only for hobby, some are for income purposes.

So, you have to decide first which one you want actually? Because you have to take your preperation according to this.

Blogging Platform:

Starting a Blog- Some important things you should to know

Starting a Blog- Choosing of blog platform

You may now want to know what is blogging platform? This is mainly mean where you will start your blog? You must choose first where you want to start your blog. Note that, this matter is depend on your choosing of blogging platform. For example if you want to run a blog for income then you have to write blog of your own.

On the Other hand if you start a blog only for you hobby then you can choose any kind of platform to write your blog post. There is many social media site where you can write also such as Facebook, twitter, etc. You can write any where as a guest also. But you have to remember if you want to start a blog for money income then you must do it in your own blog. For this reason you may spend some money also.

Blog Topics:

Starting a Blog- Some important things you should to know

Starting a Blog- Blog Niche

What is your topic if you run a blog? This is the main thing that you have to choose the right thing about your blog article.

Each people interested different type of article. So, which topic do you want to write a blog? It is most important thing to start a blog actually.

So, which topic do you choose to start a blog?

Blogging topics is sometimes call Blogging Niche. If you want to earn money by blogging then you have to choose your blog niche very carefully. Because perfect blog niche will make your dream come true.

So, Try to choose your blogging niche with very carefully.


This is the main things to start a blog. There is many article you can found on search engine but this article has covered the main key purposes of starting a blog.

If you want a start blog then Nobels Blog will beside you always. You can Subscribe to this blog to know more about tech world and you can text me any time for any kind of solution.


If you want to know more, or if you feel any confusion write your comment below. I will reply immediate.

Thanks to all to reading my post.

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