20 useful websites you should follow to enrich your knowledge power

20 useful websites

20 useful websites you should follow for know mysterious things

20 useful websites you should follow: Hello everyone, again this is mehedi come with another great article. Maybe already you people get the point what the things I am going to share in this article.

In this world most of the people are using smart phones and internet is now available for everyone. You need to know something important, you go to internet and search the thing you need. Its really very easy now a days to get many information from internet. Internet is the place where you will get lots of things including entertainment, videos, news and many more things.

What it would be if you learn something from Internet? Okay friends today I am going to share 20 useful websites you should follow to learning new things. Here is the lists-

20 useful websites you should follow:


You can go here to attend some quiz which may help you enrich your knowledge. If you answer correct then it will donate 10 grains of rice through the world food program to help end hunger.


This is an online education platform. Here you will get various kind of courses like computer science, Psychology, Biology, etc. Most of the courses are free here but if you want to take certificate then you will have to pay.


Another great online platform for self learners. Here you get thousands of videos for different topics. Most of the courses are free, some are premium.

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Are you feeling lazy? Go here and play huge number of games to increase the performance of your brain.


Another gaming platform. This app is actually a puzzle game. If you are puzzle lover can go there and download the app in your smart phone.


Want to learn second language of your own? This is the best platform to learn various kind of languages.


This another great platform for increase your memory performance by playing many kinds of games.


Have you any problem to forget anything? Go here and see the magic.

Project gutenberg

This is an online library. You will get huge number of journals here. Also get many rare books here.


If you want to learn something new everyday then this site is the bible for you.


In this site you can get many things which related to educations and cultures.


This app help you to run your brain in a faster way of thinking.


Another app for stimulate and challenge your brain.


Students and teachers love this site so much.


To discover, learn and tech anything this site will help you a lot.


If you want to know how works many things can go there.


How can you pass your leisure time without watching TV this site will help you to know many things of the world.


Radio podcast website. You can listen many people story from here.


Great android app for those people who forget simple things.

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You can found all types of questions answer here.

Hope This list may help you to know many things around the world. Please share this article with others.

Thanks a lot for reading this article.

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