5 Android Security Tips To Keep Your Smartphone Safe

5 Android Security Tips

5 Android Security Tips

5 Android Security Tips: arious reports have shown that Android malware is increasing year after year, so it’s more important now than ever to make sure your device is safe. Use these tips to avoid falling prey to dangerous apps or other malware.

5 Android Security Tips
5 Android Security Tips

1. Use a PIN to lock your screen

This is an obvious one but it’s worth repeating (research in the US showed than less than half of users set up a PIN or password). PINs and passwords are more secure than patterns.

2. Secure individual apps

Download App Lock and add an extra level of security to individual apps, especially ones that contain personal data, such as social networks, email apps, or banking apps. You can set a different password for each app.


3. Install antivirus software

There are various apps that will help you to keep your device safe with many of them being free. Apps such as Security Warrior will warn you about security and virus threats.

4. Store sensitive data internally

If you have particularly sensitive data (e.g. bank info) on your Android, keeping it on the internal storage is safer than if it’s on the SD card.


5. Encrypt your Android device

Encrypted data will be essentially useless (or at least very, very hard to extract) if anyone steals your phone. You can do this easily, without downloading any extra apps, on your Android phone.

Open up Settings and then Security. Tap on the Encrypt phone option and then on Encrypt SD card. The phone will ask for your PIN and then begin the encryption process. This can take a while so it’s best to do it when your phone is plugged in.

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