Android Phone Hang- How to solve it

Android Phone Hang

Android Phone Hang Problem

Android Phone Hang: Android operating system is now most popular OS. But sometimes people faces some trouble to using android phone. Among them the most common problem is go to hang of android phone. We can get rid of this problem if we follow some rules.

Android Phone Hang

First of all we have to know first why android phone is hangs

Android Phone Hang Reasons:

  1. The most common thing of going android phone hang is phone space. That means When you are using many types of application in the same time then if your phon RAM is low it will hang.
  2. If you install huge number of application in Internal memory instead of External memory then your phone will be hang for shortage of ROM.
  3. Your android phone will be hang if you dont clean cookies, caches, log files. This files are the reason of going hang.
  4. Another most common thing is that if you install big size game or apps in your phone in proportion to your RAM then your phone will hang.

So what will you do if your phone hang all the time when you use? It has no doubt android phone is play a vital role to interconnect with internet. But if someone face this type problem continuously then it useless to use android phone.

Here is interesting is that you dont need to worry about that actually. You have to follow some extra care of your phone. That will fast your phone.

Here is the solution to not getting hang Android phone-

  1. Always try to install anything to external memory. It is the best use of your phone to install anything, such like apps or games to install in external memory.
  2. Uninstall those apps which you dont use.
  3. If your phone have low RAM then it is better to not use of huge size apps.
  4. Always keep your eyes to check that your device run many apps at the same time. If it is then stop useless apps.
  5. You can use “Advanced task killer” or “Easy task killer” to stop your apps.
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People is so much dependent to Android phone. Any one can not move a single day without android phone. So if your android phone is hang what will you do? Its generally hang android using of big apps and games.

The new software of Google marshmallow, you can see the android memory using space and free space easily. If your phone is getting hang repeatedly you can do this-

  • Go to settings option and see the how much free space of RAM there. Examine how much memory take of video, pics, games in your phone.
  • Select memory use option from app option. You can know the Phone memory space from here.
  • Uninstall the useless apps.
  • Besides this if you remove useless video, games, pics then your android hang problem will be solved.

You can check this link to analyze your ram- Best apps for android device to analyze RAM

Hope you will take care of your smartphone. 🙂

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