Best 5 Android Apps You should keep on your Device

Best 5 Android Apps features

Best 5 Android Apps:

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However, today i am gonna share with you Best 5 Android Apps you should keep on your device. Before i have written top most android app which you will find here- Top most android app you should know-2016




1. Apps Locker

Apps Locker is one of the best app protector which could protect your privacy.

Best 5 Android Apps
Apps Locker

With Apps Locker, you can :

✔ lock any apps(SNS, Game, Photos, Videos, SMS , Viber , Facebook)
✔ lock apps using ewsy pattern
✔ lock apps using just a tap
✔ lock your phone using remote control
✔ lock systems(Wi-Fi, Settings, install/uninstall and more)

■ features

• Lock any apps using password and pattern(e.g facebook , WhatsApp ,Twitter, Gallery, Camera)
• Support PIN, Pattern
• Lock screen timeout

To install App Locker: [easy_media_download url=”” text=”App Locker free install” width=”250″ height=”50″ color=”blue_two”]


2.QR & Barcode Scanner and Maker

QR & Barcode Scanner and Maker is the fastest QR & barcode scanner. QR & Barcode Scanner is an essential app for every Android devices.
QR & Barcode Scanner / QR code reader is extremely easy to use; simply point to QR or barcode you want to scan and app will automatically detect and scan it.
You also can Create/Generator with this apps.

Best 5 Android Apps
QR and Barcode Scanner


– Minimalistic design with a simple and easy-to-use interface
– Camera fastest startup.
-Scan from image or website
– Preserve your scan result very fast
-Very easy to use.

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To install QR & Barcode Scanner and Maker:

[easy_media_download url=”” text=”QR & Barcode Scanner free install” width=”500″ height=”50″ color=”blue_two”]


3. compass 

This compass is the best compass for android.
Compass is a simple and easy-to-use compass for travelers and those who just need to navigate in unfamiliar
places or check North, South, East and West.

Best 5 Android Apps

Your mobile device must have a compass sensor can use this application.
N is north
S is the South
E is east
W is the West
NE is North-East
SE is the Southeast
SW is southwest
NW is northwest.


To install compass : [easy_media_download url=”” text=”compass free install” width=”250″ height=”50″ color=”blue_two”]


4.Battery Life-Circle

Battery Life Circle, simple, customizable battery widget.

Best 5 Android Apps
Battery Life Circle


1.Displays the remaining battery percentage with color.
2.Battery percentage indicator in toolbar with different color in different percentage.
3.Battery charge time remaining and last battery charge time.
4.Battery voltage.
5.Battery temperature.
6.Fast & lightweight

Widget does not drain battery. It receives only battery broadcasts

Battery Life Circle will help you to save battery life of you phone by presenting delightful showing current battery charge status.


To install compass : [easy_media_download url=”” text=”Battery Life Circle free install” width=”300″ height=”50″ color=”blue_two”]


5.Night Clock Live Wallpaper

Night Clock with battery indicator and Compass Live Wallpaper
It’s Fully customizable analog & Digital clock live wallpaper with date display.

Best 5 Android Apps
Night Clock live wallpaper


Widgets (Editable from settings)
Clock (digital/analog with date )
Weather indicator
Battery meter
CPU Meter
RAM meter


To install Night Clock: [easy_media_download url=”” text=”Night Clock free install” width=”300″ height=”50″ color=”blue_two”]

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Hope those Best 5 Android Apps will be helpful for you. You must install in your device those apps to see the real performance. 🙂





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