Best 5 SEO Technique you should know for 2017

Best 5 SEO Technique

Best 5 SEO Technique you should know

Best 5 SEO Technique
Best 5 SEO Technique

Best 5 SEO Technique: Search Engine Optimization is a very big topic on the World Wide Web. After-all, everybody wants to rank higher and come up on the first page of Google search and get more traffic.

Sometimes it is easy to get carried away with SEO though. In my opinion, the best technique is to keep it simple and apply a bit of common sense.

Most SEO plugins will take care of the common architecture related stuff for you. So in this article I will only focus on techniques that you need to do yourself (or be aware of).

I have identified and made a list of top 15 SEO practices that I tend to forget quite often. These simple SEO techniques, if practiced properly, can make a significant difference as to how my pages are ranked in the Search Engine Queries.

  1. Use proper anchor text for inter-links. Don’t use “here”, “there” etc for the anchor text (if you can avoid it).
  2. Optimize the images, always create alt tags and write description in the alt tag.
  3. Use search engine friendly permalinks. Try not to have too many ‘&’, ‘?’, ‘!’ etc characters in the URL. Sometimes it is unavoidable but try to keep it to a minimum.
  4. Use hyphens (-) between words to improve readability.
  5. Do not use underscores (_) in URLs, use hyphens (-) instead.

Hope this 5 tips will help you most to do SEO works more effectivly. I will write more tips next about SEO.

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