Best free Cloud storage service for Data store

Best free Cloud storage service

Best free Cloud storage service you should know

Best free Cloud storage service
Best free Cloud storage service

Best free Cloud storage service: In this new era we need to store our data safely. So what will you do?

Yeah, Today i am going to share with all of you to about Cloud storage. We save our valuable file in PC hard drive. In case if your PC hard drive is crash you will lose all important data.

So what is the solution actually to get rid from this?

You will glad to know that there is Cloud storage system to keep data safe in internet. Is not you feel cool now? Yes, It is the best way to keep data safe into the Cloud storage.


What is Cloud Storage Service?

Cloud storage is a Data store service of internet. Where you can keep your Data safe and you cal also get the access of your document from anywhere you want. In this case you can also use free or paid service of cloud storage if you want. You will need to be a member of the service and have to open a account. Then you can upload your file in your account.


Best free Cloud storage service:

Today i am going to introduce some best free cloud storage service where you can upload your file with free service just by opening a account. 🙂


Google Drive

Many people may know the name of Google Drive. Yeah this is the best free cloud storage service for keep important file safe. A huge number of people use Google drive to keep theirs file safe. It is free and secured. You just need a Gmail account for using Google drive. Google drive will give you 15 GB space to store Data.

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For best free cloud storage service Mediafire is favourite to all. It has upload and download file feature thats why people like this service most actually. You can also store your date here upto 15GB.Apple iCloud

Who are using i-phone they have know idea about iCLoud. This service is only for iphone user actually. Apple iCloud Give you 5GB space for storage data.



You can use upto 10GB free cloud storage from Box. Every file limit of upload is upto 250MB. Here you have to purchase space after finishing 5GB storage of service. That means you have pay after finishing 5GB. But it is trusty and secured. You have to pay small amount to get the premium account only.

At present time it is so much famous for best free cloud storage system. In Copy  you can store your data upto 15GB totally free.


It is getting famous for its Drag and drop feature. In dropbox you can store upto 5GB data free.



Hidrive is working for unlimited data store plan. Here you can use unlimited data for store but you have to regesterd here first.



This a product of Microsoft. You can upload upto 15GB data into the Microsoft OneDrive. It is safe to keep file in Microsoft OneDrive.



Here you can use 2GB space to store data. It is also give pretty service to store data. You can upload in pCloud some small important file here without any tension.

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BD Upolod

This is a Bangladeshi Cloud service. It is also trustful cloud service. Here in BD Upload paid to the member by counting of downloading of file.


In this article i have written about just 10 best free cloud storage service. But there is also many more service in internet also. Every cloud service is not trusted actually. You can keep your full trust those service which i have written above.



So, may be you are now feel free about your important document. If you think it is need to inform others about those services then please share my post. It will give me more support to write more valuable unique tips.

Thanks to all for reading this post.


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