Best free ping sites to Boost up Indexing your website

Best free ping sites

Best free ping sites

Best free ping sites
Best free ping sites

Do you have any idea about why most of the link building efforts go in useless? It is just because of not getting indexed by search engines.

Let’s assume you did a lot of hard works to build a particular thing but no one recognized that. How would you feel?

You must feel sad and don’t get the strong mind back to work again. You may think just it was a waste of time. and yes, i can feel your pain!

You will be happy to know here has got a turning point, ping sites can add value to your link building effort and your invest of time. You can index your own site(s) or your backlink sources with just a single click using some leading ping tools over the internet.

Most of the SEOs who really know their jobs use pinging tools or premium service like OneHourIndexing tool to get fast indexing in major search engines. Hence, you can grab this opportunity to make your SEO and link building work more efficient and fast.

Some common questions regarding ping sites:

What are ping sites?

Ping sites are one kind of online based tool that will submit your given URL to several search engines, directories, communities, content aggregators and some other places.

How to use ping tools?

It is so much simple task to use ping tool. You have to just put the url and write a title then click the submit button. After finishing the whole task you will get a message. Its done!

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Why you should use ping services?

Actually there is no rules in arrangement that will force you to use ping tools since you are a SEO or Webmaster; but remember a thing that who will not grab the extra gold coin from the table?

Yes, this is similar to extra gold coin in the SEO industry. You can index your site’s URL or your backlink sources very fast and easily with these tools. Remember, almost 80% backlinks on the web remains deindexed due to neglecting. Thus, most of the SEO campaigns fail and don’t see the expected result.

Is there any negative effect of pinging too much?

What will happen if you ask the same question to one of your friends over and over in a single day? Obviously he/she will get annoyed of you. In the same way it’s good to avoid pinging the same URL over and over within a short period of time. You can use 2-3 tools to ping the same URL of your blog or website. Don’t ping a single URL with 10 ping tools or 10 times with the same ping tool. I recommend to ping a URL only once with a single ping tool and use up to 3 or 4 ping tools.


List of best free ping sites to Boost up Indexing


So, thats all from my part now its your time to pinging your site!



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