Best SEO Tips and tricks for beginners- 2016

Best SEO Tips and tricks for beginners- 2016

Best SEO Tips and tricks for beginners

Best SEO Tips: Welcome everyone for my todays qucik and most valuable article tips who are interested to know about SEO. Who are started writing blog they are aware about SEO. Many blogger dont have no idea about SEO. In the beginning time they face many problems and thats why they stop to write article for not getting of perfect visitor.

Before i have written just two valuable article about SEO. One was “SEO techniques for your Websites” and another one was “Rank website Google first Page“. You can know many more things of you have read those article already.

But today i am gonna write some quick tips about SEO which is very helpful for the beginners really. If you are a beginner level in SEO learner then this article is for you. 🙂

So guys lets know some awesome tips of SEO for beginners:

Best SEO Tips and tricks for beginners- 2016
Best SEO Tips and tricks



  1. Always you have to use, accurate anchor text for internal linking. You should not use “here” and “there” like that word for in the anchor text.
  2. For image SEO, You have to make “ALT tags” as well write the description in the “ALT tag”.
  3. Use search engine friendly permalinks. Do not use too many special character (like &, ?, !, %, # etc). Try to keep it to a minimum.
  4.  To improve readability, always use hyphens “-” between words.
  5. Use hyphens “-” instead of underscores “_” in URLs.
  6. You should avoid using capital letters in URLs because windows servers are case sensitive.
  7. Use inter-links when possible and appropriate.
  8. Use sticky posts and have a category description paragraph.
  9. Use rel=”nofollow” tag on low-value links to not pass the page ranks juice. For example “Read the rest of the entry”, “About”, “Contact” etc.
  10. Use sub directories, try not to use sub domains.
  11. You have to know who are your targeted audience and research them. Make sure  the site content appropriately.
  12. Content should be up to date. Visitors dislike outdated content. Updated the content frequently also attracts the SES (Search Engines Spiders) to index the web pages repeatedly.
Next i will write about some SEO Tool and More SEO Tips for beginners. I have tried to write this article with very simple, every one can understand.
Hope this quick article will help the beginner level SEO learner most. If you think this article is valuable for others then dont forget to share. It will encourage me to write more.


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