Blog post- Make a appropriate plan for your blog post-2017

Blog post- Make a appropriate plan for your blog post

Blog post- Make a appropriate plan for your blog post

Hey all, How is going on?

In my previous posts i have just covered some basic things about How to search Google in smart way and also about how to get index your blog article with very fast.

Today i am gonna write about how can you make a plan for your blog post.

So, Don’t be late. Just read below what i have written:

Killer tips for make a plan about blog post regularly:

Maintaining a blog takes more than just writing a bundle of blog posts. You need to develop a strategy and planning for your content (especially if you’re writing with a number of authors).

Also, you need to work together with your audience and respond to their comments. In this article, I’ll explain the importance of content planning and provides some practical tips on how you can effortlessly plan your blog posts.

Blog post planning: Make a plan with smartly!

If you are serious about blogging, you should make a plan for your content. When you’ve got a personal blog, planning your content will likely be relatively easy. Planning becomes much tougher if you’re working with multiple authors writing about completely different topics, or invite guest bloggers. I’ll provide you with some important pointers that will help you to create a plan:

  • Create an editorial calendar

A plan starts with a calendar. It is best to create an editorial calendar during which you plot out all the posts that you just (and your co-workers) are going to write. This could just be an excel sheet, but you would also use a plugin or service for this, for example, Trello or MeisterTask.

  • Sit down and brainstorm

If you want to create an editorial calendar, you can start with a brainstorm. Invite all your blog authors and sit together. Ask everyone what their ideas are and which posts they would like to write in the near future. Make a list of these ideas and needs, and then plot them out on a calendar. Be sure your authors finish their blogs just a few days before the post date so you possibly can proofread, edit if needed, and find or create accompanying illustrations or images.

  • Use information & current events

When planning content, you should take a look at your calendar as properly! Are there any major events developing that are value mentioning in your blog post? Or should you write some seasonal posts? Make sure to mix these ‘current-events posts’ with the other posts you’ve got lined up.

  • Blog regularly

You should blog regularly. Giving exact numbers is tough. For a company blog, a daily post will be totally acceptable. For a personal blog, this will probably not be doable at all. Try to establish some frequency and stick to it. Your readers will appreciate a reliable schedule. Once you already know you can decide to your chosen schedule, make sure to communicate it to your audience someway, so they know what to expect.

  • Add variation

In case you usually write about similar topics, make sure to mix things up a little. Don’t write articles about nearly identical topics one after the other. After all, you possibly can still write blog series however try to vary between topics as much as possible. You may also make variations in the form of your content. A video post for example spices things up!

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Last Words:

When you take your blog serious, you must create a calendar. It’s essential in case you are working with multiple authors. Creating an editorial calendar doesn’t have to be hard at all.

Hope this blog post will help all the new article writers or who are planning to make a blogging website for personal uses or for business purposes.

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