Computer function keys- How it works?

Computer function keys- How it works?

Computer function keys- How it works?

Computer function keys: If you see computer keyboard, here you will find some computer function keys. Which is named as F1, F2…..

Well, do you know how does work function key on your computer? Did you use any computer function keys before?

In this quick tips I will describe about the 12 Computer function keys of computer keyboard.

Computer function keys- How it works?
Computer function key- How it works?


Computer function keys:

F1: It is help to start windows on “Safe Mode“. In maximum software it is use as help button actually.

F2: When you are going to start your PC windows, of you want to go to bias settings then you have to press on F2. You can rename any file by pressing this F2 button. For opening Microsoft Word Document it uses alt+ctrl+F2.

F3: This button work as search button on desktop windows. You can recover any line which has written as dos mode by pressing this key.

F4: This button works as opening of address bar of Windows explorer. It is also use for closing of active window by pressing alt+F4.

F5: F5 button works for refresh window for any browser. For Microsoft Word you can Find, Replace, Go to by using this button.

F6: It is use for go to web address in the browser. Some times you can reduce the sound volume by using this key.

F7: Microsoft Word Or Outlook, you can check grammatical mistakes by pressing F7 button. Some laptops use this button for increasing volume.

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F8: If you want to open windows in safe mode you can use this button. Some computer use this button for recovery system of windows.

F9: In Microsoft Word this button works as refresh the page. In some laptops by pressing F9 you can do reduce brightness.

F10: You can Open menu bar by pressing this button for any active windows. You can also increase brightness of some laptops by using this button.


Do you know more about these functions keys? Feel free to share with us by commenting! 😀


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