Delete Android Data Completely- tips and tricks

delete android data completely

Delete android data completely- How can you do it?

delete android data completely
delete android data completely

delete android data: The number of android phone uses is increasing. Every one use android phone for its simple configuration. Android phone is available everywhere.

Smart phone is not only for communicating with others, sometimes it is use for keep important data in it.

In this quick tutorial i will discuss about delete android data completely.

Delete Android Data Completely:

You need to delete data from android phone for any reason. When you are going to delete your data from android phone you also need to be ensure that all data has deleted completely.

For delete android data many of us use factory reset. Here is a simple problem. You can not deleted all things form factory reset actually. When you are going to make a factory reset of your device, there is also some data did not deleted and keep hidden.

When you make a factory reset of your phone, it turns to new. But some data like- multimedia, email is not delete and they keep on internal memory.

So what can you do to delete android data?

Here is the tips for delete android data completely:

  • Encrypt your device storage first.
  • Then do a factory reset

Then you can see that your all data has deleted.

How can you Encrypt?

  • Go to settings
  • Then go to security option
  • Here you will get the encryption option

It is so much easy task to delete android data completely. You can also found many apps or simple tools to delete android data. But you dont no need to use for delete data. It is the easy way to delete which i have written above. Hope this quick tips will help you all.

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Thanks to all.

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