Delete Chrome browsing history tips and tricks

Delete Chrome browsing history

Delete Chrome browsing history- How to tips

Delete Chrome browsing history: Hello Google chrome user whats up? Today I am here to share just a quick tips- How can you delete chrome browsing history.

So, why you need this?

Well, suppose you are browsing something important in another computer. The browsing history will contain in the browser. So anyone can see what were you browse. So if you think you can delete them. No one can know your browsing history.

So, here is the tips-

Delete Chrome browsing history:

For doing so you need to follow the steps written below in proper manner:-

  • now in order to reach the history option in your browser you need to open the chrome
  • followed by clicking the more option which is present on the top right corner of the browser
  • after that click on the history option


Now to clear the history do as written below:-

  • if you wish to delete the whole history then open the chrome
  • followed by reaching the history option
  • now you would see an option saying clear browsing data
  • now from the drop down menuHealth Fitness Articles, you can delete the things you want to delete
  • just in case you want to delete the full history then you need to tap on beginning of time option
  • now you just need to tap on the clear browsing data

You can also seek the help from the google chrome toll free number just in case you find any technical issue.


Now just in case you want to delete some particular item from the history of the chrome and you don’t know the process of doing so then you can easily know the whole process by giving a call on the google chrome tech support number or you can follow steps like :-

  • here also first you need to search for the history option by going through the more option
  • now you need to check the box that is present next to each item because you need to click on the check box against the item that you want to delete
  • after clicking on it you need to click the delete option that is present on the top right corner
  • followed by clicking on the remove button to confirm the deleting part.
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