Essential WordPress Plugins That Every Website Needs

Essential WordPress Plugins

Essential WordPress Plugins you should use for your website

Essential WordPress Plugins: For creating website, now a days WordPress is the first choice. Most of the people like WordPress for its simplicity. WordPress is very popular CMS for creating website of blog site.

WordPress has got strong security. You can run any kind of website in WordPress platform. If you are WordPress user you must know about WordPress plugins. Plugins is a strong tools which make your website more interactive and menaingfull.

There is lots of free plugins you may found in Lots of premium plugin is also in Envato marketplace you may get.

However, today I am going to share some essential WordPress plugins that every Website needs. I am runnig most of my websites in WordPress platform and I know about essential WordPress plugin very well.

Here I have listed most useful WordPress plugin that you need must in your site. So, here is the list-

Essential WordPress Plugins:

Essential WordPress Plugins
Essential WordPress Plugins you should use for your website

WordPress Security – Antivirus, Firewall, And Malware:

To protect your site from hacking this is the best wordpress security plugin i have ever seen. If you don’t have a security plugin installed, do so now. Wordfence Security has been downloaded 22 million times and is 100% free.

Yoast SEO – Improve Website SEO:

Search engines need to know that your site exists so that it appears in search results. the Yoast SEO plugin not only creates an XML Sitemap that does this, but it analyzes your pages and posts providing suggestions for making your website more SEO friendly. It’s yet another one of my favorite WordPress plugins.

WP Super Cache – Speed Up Website Load Times:

This is the best Cache plugin for WordPress user. The WP Super Cache plugin speeds up your website by turning your dynamic WordPress site into static html files that are more quickly processed by users. For 99% of your visitors, they’ll receive the html files with no difference than the dynamic ones.

Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin:

To prevent spam comment into your blog post you can use this plugin. You don’t want to be sifting through that as your website grows. Akismet makes sure that comments and contact form submissions are safe from malicious content, automatically. This is a must have  a plugin for anyone starting a WordPress website.

Fast Secure Contact Form:

The Akismet plugin is another one of my favorite WordPress plugins. It’s great for blocking spam comments and contact form submissions, but to create a custom contact form, I like the simplicity of the Fast Secure Contact Form plugin. You can design a form with custom fields and include Google reCAPTCHA to further block spammers.


In the unfortunate event that your website does crash due to attack or to your human error, having a backup is crucial to getting back up to speed. There are many paid options out there, but BackUpWordPress is a great free plugin that can backup your entire database and website files on your schedule.

Google Analytics Dashboard:

Google Analytics is a powerful tool to help you understand and grow your website traffic and audience. The Google Analytics Dashboard plugin displays your stats right on your WordPress Dashboard.
Those all plugin should have in your WordPress site. Without those plugin your website will not fulfilled actually. There is more plugin you can use but those are essential for every WordPress websites. I have used all the plugin and I have got best result.
You can all the plugin without any doubt.
If you think i have missed any important plugin here you can comment below, I will add them next.
Thanks a lot for reading this article. You can share it more and more.
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