Excel shortcut tips who are looking for job in 2017

Excel shortcut tips who looking for job

Excel shortcut tips who are looking for job

Excel shortcut tips: I am starting writing blog for share my ideas and tips to the others. By this thinking i was started this nobels blog few days ago.

Today i am going to write for those peoples who are looking for job. In this article you will know about some shortcut tips about Microsoft Excel sheet.

For getting a job sometimes you need to know about basic computer. You must have knowledge in Microsoft Word. If you are excellent in Microsoft Word it will help you to get a job.

For Microsoft excel, For fast working you need to follow some tips or rules. By practicing those tips you can be a master in Microsoft Excel.

Excel Shortcut tips:

Ctrl+Arrow : Cursor will move to right, left, up, down.

Ctrl+Home : Cursor Will take place in starting of article.

Ctrl+End : Cursor will take place in the end of the article.

Ctrl+Page Up : Will go to the previous page or worksheet.

Ctrl+Page Down : Will go to the next page or worksheet.

Atl+Page Up : Take place in first column of Document.

Atl+Page Down : Take place in last column of Document.

Atl+Enter : Create next line by double clicking the field.

Shift+TAB : Go one by one from down to up of field.

Ctrl+1 : Change the font, border Number.

Ctrl+2 : Bold font.

Ctrl+3 : Make font italic.

Ctrl+4 : Make a underline.

Ctrl+5 : Give a strike through in the middle of article.

Ctrl+7 : Move the standard toolbar.

Ctrl+9 : Row Delete.

Ctrl+0 : Column Delete.

Atl+F1 : Add chartsheet eith Worksheet.

Atl+F2 : Save as.

Ctrl+F3 : Open the define dialogue box.

Ctrl+F4 : Close the file.

Ctrl+F5 : Different window with different file.

Ctrl+F8 : Open dialogue box for creating Marco.

Ctrl+F9 : Minimize file.

Ctrl+F10 : Different window with file name.

Ctrl+F11 : Add Macrosheet with WorkSheet.

Ctrl+F12 : Open Dialogue box.

There also some wonderful function like L.C.M , G.C.M Determination, Square root Determination etc.

Example for GCD:

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Answer: 4

LCM Function:


= LCM(24,36)

Answer: 72

Square Root:

Syntax: SQRT(81)

Answer: 9



= POWER(5,2)

Here 5 is a number and 2 is a square. The answer will be 25.


syntax = ROUND(18.378,2)

Answer: 18.38



= NOW()

for month: Month())

for year: YEAR())

Finding a Date:

= WEEK DAY(“01/01/1990”)

Answer: 6 ( Friday)

Hope this tips will help to be a great in Excel. 🙂

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