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Fix Google AdSense Disapproved

Fix Google AdSense Disapproved tips and tricks

Fix Google AdSense Disapproved: Sometimes many New Bloggers face Google AdSense Disapproved Insufficient Content issue.  Most of the times, especially for new blogs, Adsense will not approve instantly. After submitting Adsense application, Google rejects the Adsense approval for blog showing that Adsense disapproved due to insufficient content.

Recently i have faced it. I have a popular blog site name , Here i write about various things about technology. Everything was okay but after applying for adsense program, they did not approved my website.

But i am not get frustrated. I know the problem why adsense did not grant my website. I search this issue and I have found many solutions.

Thats why today I am going to share my experience and give you a nice idea to solve this issue.

Fix AdSense Disapproved Insufficient Content Issue

Fix Google AdSense Disapproved
Fix Google AdSense Disapproved

Its not a big issue actually. Don panic. It is really simple issue i think. Dont loose your hope after getting this problem. Stay calm and read carefuly the reply mail from adsense. Then try to fix one by one.

In the below i will discuss more about this.

Why Google Adsense Disapproved your site due To Insufficient Content?

Most of the cases, this situation occurs when Google crawler unable to read your text on your site. Google uses crawlers to read the text of your website while reviewing your Adsense application.

If your site contains a lot of images, videos, Crawlers can’t crawl them. So, the chance of getting Adsense approval is very less. This is the main reason for Google Adsense disapproval. Google approves Adsense only for quality content blogs.

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Don’t Reapply Instantly:

When you receive mail from Google that Adsense is rejecte due to insufficient content. Don’t reapply instantly. Most of them will become excited and reapply for Adsense again and again.

If you repeatedly do this process, Google puts your domain into blocklist. So that Adsense will not approve permanently. I will suggest you to apply Adsense after one month.

Write Unique Content:

Never try to copy a single line from any site. Google like fresh and unique content. This is also one of the important reasons for Google Adsense disapproval.

Write more and more posts:

Write as many posts as you can. But write long length articles which consisting of a minimum of 500 To 600 words Google likes long length articles.
Write around 20-30 articles, each consisting minimum of 500 words and reapply after one month.

Build Complete Website:

Built blog or website compliantly in compliance with adsense policy, before reapplying for Adsense. Provide clear navigation and add important pages. Google can’t approve Adsense for blogs which are under construction.

Final words:

Just follow all the things from above, hope you will manage your adsense account.

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