FREELANCE OUTSOURCING: A young man after receiving his education has to move from door to door for a job. But jobs are never easily available. A fortunate one may get a job. In most cases the jobs are odd. Now the time has altered its own course. Now a day the young educated persons need not waste their time in searching of jobs. In fact internet freelancing outsourcing is giving them a golden opportunity of self employment like online jobs.

But freelancing outsourcing is not yet very much familiar to the mass people of our country. That’s why we are not able to enter the vast market of freelance outsourcing like India, Pakistan, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil and many other countries. So I want to explain this topic in details.


Outsourcing is a Job which is done by another organization not by own. It may be at home or from abroad. The main reason of outsourcing is to minimize the production cost. Mostly the rich countries like America and Europe are doing this to get quality productions at low cost in due time. Mainly IT based jobs like Data Processing, Programming, Graphics Designing, Multimedia, Virtual Assistant and many more are being outsourced from various countries.


Freelancing is a job which is done by a freelancer. A freelancer is a person who is not assigned with a company or an organization for a long time. He has total freedom to choice a job as well as time schedule also. A freelancer does not abide by 9 AM – 5 PM office time schedule. Now it is more flexible due to wireless internet connection. If you have a laptop with wireless internet connection you can do any kinds of freelancing job from any where.

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There are many popular web sites which create opportunities of outsourcing. These are called “Freelancer Marketplace”. There are two types of users in freelance marketplace. One called “Buyer” or “Client” who offers a job. And other called “Freelancer” or “Provider” or “Contractor” who does the job.


There are too many freelancers apply for one job which called “Bid”. Freelancers have to mention their price rate and time frame for a job in the bidding process.  “Buyer” can select any one among them.

But generally a “Buyer” selects a “Provider” on the basis of his experiences, price rate, time schedule and cover letter (job application). After this selection process “Buyer” deposits whole amount of money of said project on an account named “Escrow” (not in every marketplace) which gives a security for the providers.

After finishing a job “Provider” submits the job on the marketplace for the Buyer’s check. If everything is all right “Buyer” receives the work and marketplace authority makes a payment for “Provider” from “Escrow”. Marketplace site receives a service charge (10% – 15%) from Provider’s income and then they send money to the “Provider” in various processes. That’s the story about Freelancing Outsourcing.

Most Popular Freelance Outsourcing Marketplace sites :

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