Google adsense Bangla support problem and solution

Google adsense Bangla support

Google Adsense Bangla support problem and solution

Google Adsense Bangla support: Every blogger may be know about Google Adsense. Google Adsense is the best way to make money and it is perhaps the most popular Adsense company from any other ads company.

It is not easy to get Google Adsense. You have to follow all the rules of Adsense and without this you should not apply Google Adsense.

By the way, Google Adsense support all the language mostly. But here is a bad news is that, Google Adsense is not support Bangla language. Here you can check this list which language support Google Adsense

Arabic German Portuguese
Bulgarian Greek Romanian
Chinese (simplified) Hebrew Russian
Chinese (traditional) Hungarian Serbian
Croatian Indonesian Slovak
Czech Italian Slovenian *
Danish Japanese Spanish
Dutch Korean Swedish
English Latvian Thai
Estonian * Lithuanian Turkish
Finnish Polish Ukrainian
French Norwegian

Here you will see that, Bangla Language is not in the list. But the confusion arises when people notice that some popular Bangladeshi Newspaper like Prothom Alo and Kaler Kantho show Adsense Ads on their websites.

You may wonder to see that. But here is the answer…

Google Adsense Bangla support:

Google adsense Bangla support
Google adsense Bangla support problem and solution

Most probably they are premium Adsense publishers. Or they used an Adsense account that has been approved by another site. I mean they didn’t apply for Adsense with Bangla content based site, they added the site to their existing Adsense account. Here is the good news is that you can do the same if you want to violate the Adsense Policy.

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I will never suggest you to place Adsense Ads on Bangla content based sites. There is no value right now if you do this. If someone reports about your account that you are using Adsense on an unsupported language, Adsense team may ban you from their program. Another problem is, if Adsense team finds that a lot of Bangladeshi publishers are placing Adsense codes on Bangla content based site, they will become more strict on approving new applicants.

I hope Adsense will add Bangla language to its program real with very short time. After all, Bangla is one of the most spoken languages, ranked 7th in the world. All we need to do is, increase Bangla content and attract more local advertisers. Until Adsense approves Bangla, don’t use Adsense on your Bangle site. But you can consider using Adsense when your site contains both Bangla & English and English is primary language.

 Google Adsense Bangla support solution:

Though Google adsense is best but for bangla language you can use another ad company ads. The solution is G&R Ad Network. G&R is the first & largest Bangladeshi online Advertising network. It offers several monetization options to the publishers. If you are running a Bangla content based site, I would suggest you to use this network. It offers a good amount of revenue on impressions.

You can contact with me to know more about others adsense policy. Simply go to contact section of nobelsblog or comment your question. I will give you solution.

Thanks for reading.

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