Google adsense earning tips for every blogger should know

Google adsense earning tips

Google adsense earning tips for 2017

Google adsense earning tips:

Many bloggers now a days want to monetonize their blog with google adsense. It is a dream for every blogger i think. Today i am sharing some of my experience about google adsense earning tips.

Google adsense earning tips
Google adsense earning tips

If you want, yes you can make money with AdSense.

How I did?

I have around 30 working web sites. I have more than that, but not all of them making money.

All my web sites are micro sites, they are not too complicated, just simple.

All of them related with just one Keyword. I did not want to make just one web site. I just divide that keyword than I made a site for each keyword. That way you can get more visitors I think.

I don’t do SEO. I mean I do some; like back-linking my web sites together. Other than else I don’t do anything. I mean I don’t have time to do other stuff.

I am using non-used keywords, that reason my search results are really good always top 3.

I am using simple keywords, like search value 1000 – 4000 monthly. that’s better, you don’t have to do to much work. 2 weeks later I will be top 3 search results from google.

My keywords are related with products, when people search that product they see samples, they want to buy it, then they click one of AdSense ad. its easy get info + then look for who is selling it.

I use only 2 AD box which is banner add verdana font – large – regular link colors. and another is sidebar add.

My average click rate is $0.50

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When I start my daily revenue was $1.00 – $3.00 Now it is around $42.00 – $56.00

It is making better every months, I hope it will be much better soon. Of course I have to spend more time on it and create more pages.

if you have 2-3 pages it is not easy to make money. Create more pages. You will see that will be much better.

Adsense is not easy way to make money, but it is not difficult to earn money to.

Also I am a professional web designer, that reason I can create more pages and optimize them quickly.

Hope, you all are set your mind to manage adsense. Its not so much tough if you want.

If you have any kind of quesion or need sugession, comment below. I will give you a proper answer.

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