Google adsense tips for 2017- before apply you should know

Google adsense tips

Google adsense tips and tricks

Google adsense tips: I am here now share some valuable Google adsense tips for the new bloggers who are going to start for blogging to make money using Google adsense.

Google adsense is the best way to make money online. If you decided to make money only by blogging it will be great decision i think. But some Common blog mistakes most beginners bloggers make after starting to write blog post. For that reason they can not get Google adsense approval.

Today i am going to share some important Google adsense tips for the new blogger.

Google adsense tips

Privacy Policy:

Generally the new bloggers made a great mistakes firstly for not creating any privacy policy for their blog. Actually many new bloggers dont know about privacy policy. For this reason if their site is capable for Google adsense they got reject.

Many blogger dont want to add privacy policy. But it is not critical thing indeed. You can easily generate privacy policy by using online privacy policy creator. You dont need to gather much knowledge to do that. It is not bad thing to have a privacy policy in your site. Privacy policy describe the actual things to the user that what is for your blog is running.

Privacy policy is the first Google adsense tips to get approval.

About Page:

To get Google adsense account it is a important factor to have About Page. In About page you have to show about yourself and about your blog. user can know about you and about your blog by reading About page of of a site.

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Contact us page:

We all are know that everyone has some questions and comments of their own. Suppose you have written about a new software. Users may question about the article. So how can they ask? You have to give the answer if anyone ask anything. So by connecting with the user you have to give the right service to the them. Thats why you need to create a contact us page and comment section. Another matter is that Google adsense is not a money making machine. Adsense team will see also that your blog is help to the user or not. In one word, is it user friendly they will check.

Name and Email Verification:

Add your name and mailing address in your contact and about page. Thats why Google adsense team can verify easily. Dont do apply using spam, bot for Google adsense.Age verification:Google adsense team dont accept teenagers. If your age is under 18 then you  should not apply for Google adsense. It is a interesting thing of age verification. Most of blogger got rejected for that. So before applying for Google adsense check your age. Post:It does not matter how many post you have in your blog. Many blogger got rejected by writting 500+ post whether many has get adsense by writing only 10+ article post.
In my personal opinion, You need to 50+ post in your blog. Just remember, you have to write unique post. no copy paste allowed. Try to write elaborate post all the time. It will help the user to get clear idea of the topic.

Content Type:

You need to take the highest security to choose your type of blog post. Dont write anything which not relavant to your blog. Keep distance to write about Illegal Items.

Blog Design:

It is also important thing about your blog design after quality content. You must have this three things in your blog design-
  • Expertise
  • Experience 
  • Professionalism

Make your blog design professional. Another thing you have to thing about your blog loading time.

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Top level Domain name:

Before 2010 blogger can get approval by using blogspot to write blog post. If you run your blog in Blogspot, you need have custom Domain. Otherwise it is not effective actually for apply.

    • At present subdomain is not get approve.
    • Choose top level Domain. Example: .com, net, .org etc
    • Keep distance to choose this type domain- or .in that means dont use your country code in your domain.

In asia, many country is to wait for at least 6 months to apply for Google adsense.

Other Ad Networks:

It will better not to use other ads in your blog before applying to the Google adsense team. If you use Chitika or Clicksor  ads in your blog remove theme before apply.

Final Words:

I have coverd some important basic Google adsense tips. There is many more things you may need to do. Keep believe on yourself all the time to get approval.

If you think now make money online by doing only blogging it will be a nice decision. 🙂

If you like this post then share it. Thaks for reading.

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