Google fun- You will get wonder to see this


Google fun- You will get wonder

Google fun: Google is a most popular search engine we every one know that. Google is a giant engine which help you to get the right information quickly.

Everyday a large number of people search on Google. You will get all the things on Google. What do you want to know? just search on Google, you will get all the things.

But you will get wonder to know some funny things of Google. It is really amazing and funny.

Google fun- You will get wonder to see this
Google fun- You will get wonder to see this

So lets start about some google funny things:


Google is under Water:

To see the magic go to this link- Google under water

Here you will see the search bar is sinking in the water. It is really funny thing of Google. Kids are like this very most.


Do a barrel roll

Go to and write Do a barrel roll and see the magic of Google. Ha ha ha ha ha, did it? How did you feel? 😀

Was not nice?


Google gravity

Another funny things of is Google gravity! Go to again and write this. You will see Google has broken.

Don’t worry. its just fun. You can search here anything you want. Google gravity is really a nice comedy of Google.


Wrong Words

If you want to see all the words wrong in Google search bar then go to this link and see the colorful magic of Google-


Funny Google

If you want to see your name instead of Google you can do this! 😛 Go to this link- Funny google

write your name and see Google has gone and it shows your name on the search bar! Ha ha ha ha ah!

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Want to know more things Google funny things? Go to and write ” Askew”! What happened? Your search bar has curved! 😀


If you want more funny things about Google you can browse this link-

Today is no more. It was just entertain post about technology. Hope you all are liked it. Thanks.

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