How to get more traffic to a new blog site- 2017

How to get more traffic to a new blog

Get more traffic to a new blog site:

There is many new blogger starting blogging to share their ideas and tips with everyone. But many blogger quite to run a blog site because they dont see any traffic from their blog.

Indeed, even who have started their blogging profession long time prior don’t see much improvisation in their traffic.

But Why this?

There is something simple tips for those who can not get more traffics to their blog they dont know yet. I am going to share some great ideas about how to get more traffic to a new blog site.

How to get more traffic to a new blog site:

There are many ways to get more traffic in a new blog site but here is a simple thing is that its normally about network building. If you make much more network with your blog you can get more traffic surely.

The best way to build network with-

  • Facebook
  • twitter

Facebook and twitter is a platform where more people engaged each other. The number of using this two sites is undoubtedly vast.

Therefore, i am share some more things about how to get more traffic to a new blog:

  • Blog commenting:

Comment on most top blogging websites in your niche try to be the first 5 commenters.

Tips: Subscribe to their RSS feeds.

Here is another thing please dont make any spam commenting. It will make bad for your personal blog. If you want to get traffic daily this is the best way to go. Just type “your niche + Newspaper” in google to know which are the top Newspaper in your niche.

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Ex: “News+ Newspaper”

  • Social Network building besides facebook and twitter:

Facebook: If you make your blog facebook page its really beneficial. Join in Groups also more beneficial.You can promote yourself out there.

You may find it little bit tough in the starting but when you start promoting others content and when you get to know each other on Facebook, it becomes very easy!

Twitter: You may follow top bloggers in your niche and follow their followers. This is the most  simple yet effective way of increasing your targeted twitter followers.

Once you have done this, you can tweet your new articles and ask your followers to re-tweet it.

  • Video Marketing:

Making some awesome videos can bring more traffic in your site surely. You can marketing some products i liked in your blog posts or you can also make some programming tutorials and must upload in your blog youtube channel.

If you make some useful tutorial for your blog and upload to youtube it will really very effective for your new blog. You can search many tools in google to make awesome videos.

Personally i preferred to use camstudio  to use. Its easy to use and you can modify your videos.

  • Spend more time to write elaborate and clear article:

If you thing you can get traffic just write some article in your blog then this will be a foolish thinking. By giving without any effort to your blog you can not get traffic.

Its may be tough for the first time to write some valuable article but here is a thing that you need to differentiate yourself with others to become successful.

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Spend more and more time to create awesome super article for your blog. Try to create detailed posts with 700+ all the time. It will really very helpful for any new blogger. It’s really vital for you to create killer posts regularly to survive in blogosphere. This can bring your quality traffic from other sites or search engines.

  • Dont forget about SEO:

Most of the people dont seo for their blog posts when they started to blogging. If you are a article writer for your own blog You need to focus on what keywords to use and how much keyword density you should maintain in your article  to get search engine traffic to your blog.

Its much more important to get organic traffic to your blog. Because it is free and really very effective. Before writing a post you should study about your focus keyword. When you choose a keyword for your blog post you must do some research about your keyword in google keyword planner tool.

SEO makes a blog visible in search engine. Every blogger should make SEO for their blog posts.

Free Tool for SEO: If you using WordPress CMS system then you can use Yoast SEO plugin. Using of Yoast seo plugin  is so simple and really very effective for your blog posts.

  • Final Words:

Here is the final words- try to always retweet and promote your fellow bloggers before asking them to promote your content. When anyone promote your blog posts, this is the another awesome way to get more traffic.

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So, this is the basic things for the first time who are started to run a blog to get traffic. Just keep remember that, Social networking, writing great post and some SEO can bring lots of traffic to your site.

If you think this article is useful for others please dont forget to share with others. If you have any kind of questions feel free to comment.

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