Increase Internet Speed on Windows- the most effective methods

Increase Internet Speed

Increase Internet Speed on windows

Increase Internet Speed:

In this current civilization we see that every each and individual things is always in rush. In the way of our life there is huge tasks that need to be completed perfectly.

Day by day we cant survive without technology. Technology grows spontaneously to make easier our natural life, business life, job life, and many more things. Sometimes we face the problem of slow internet speed that is really interrupt our daily activities.

Today i am going to write some valuable tips about how can you increase your internet speed on windows.

Increase Internet Speed  by Reservable Bandwidth:

Its very easy task for Increase Internet Speed  on windows. First of all you should enable Reservable bandwidth. Enabling this your settings will go to zero but 20% reserve your settings by default. For more clear follow just this steps:

You simply click on “Start” button then click on Run option (You can use shortcut “Windows button + R”) and type gpedit.msc.

It’ll open new window of the “Local Group Policy Editor”. At that point go to-

1. Local Computer Policy
2. Computer Configuration
3. Administrative Templates

4. Network

5. QoS Packet Scheduler

6. Limit Reservable Bandwidth. Click on Limit Reservable bandwidth. Then it will open new window of “Limit reservable bandwidth”.

You will see “not configured” radio button is selected by default.

By default, “the Packet Scheduler limits the system to 20 percent of the bandwidth of a connection” so click on “enabled” radio button and in Options set Bandwidth limit (%) to 0. So from now system will reserve nothing, rather than the default 20%.

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Increase Internet Speed


Increase Internet Speed  using Open DNS and Google public DNS:

If you want to increase internet speed really, use any kind of DNS service or you can use Open DNS/ Google Public DNS.

Aside from the previously mentioned approach, you can consider making utilization of Open DNS with a specific end goal to lift up the Internet Speed on Windows.

The OpenDNS is referred to offer complete insurance to the extent phishing assaults and botnet contaminations are concerned. Besides, Open DNS is known to Confirm that the websites are easily accessible. However, Open DNS is an experimental service and this features updated day by day.

Click on Start Button then open Control Panel then go to:-

1. View Network status or Network and Sharing Center
2. Choose Your Network Connection
3. Properties
4. Check for Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
5. Click on Properties again
6. Enter Open DNS preferred IP addresses ( for the Preferred DNS Server box and for the Alternate one.)
7. Exit and go to your desktop.

Open Run Windows (Windows button + R or open Run Window from Start Menu).

Type ipconfig/flushdns in the black box that appears on the screen. The process of installing OpenDNS on your computer is now complete.

Increase Internet Speed

Increase Internet Speed  using Google Public DNS:

You can also utilization of the Google Public DNS is request to verify that the sites are stacked quicker. This is possible because the Google Public DNS is known to approach the server that is closest to you whenever you go ahead with a web page request.

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Increase Internet Speed

If you want to use Google Public DNS instead of OpenDNS then you just follow same steps give above.

Just use for Preferred DNS server field and for the Alternate one. Again don’t forget to flush the DNS as shown in above method.

Hope this tips will help you to increase internet speed on windows very easily.

For more information or any kind of problem you can contact with me. Feel free to ask any kind of question in comments section.

Thank you.


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