Increase laptop battery life in easy way- Best tips for laptop users

Increase laptop battery life

Increase laptop battery life tips

Increase laptop battery life: Where Laptops are het up, the average time spent by the user on office, schools and homes and also can be used between 10 hour to 12 hours per day. One can imagine the amount of power drained by these laptops. If the battery hand over by the builder is not exhausting, well and good but if it is exhausting faster, it is a matter of concern.

Increase laptop battery life
Increase laptop battery life

Now I am suggesting you some very useful tips on how to save power and also boost the life of your laptop’s battery regardless of high or low capacitance.

Increase laptop battery life:

Switch off various apps

When you start on the laptops, there are certain apps given by the Operating System and some other apps that were installed by you that get on at startup itself. It would support to a enormous intensity if you turn off all startup apps which not are not important. This will not only secure less power management but also help start the laptop in less time.

Less the Screen Brightness

More brightness of laptops, absorbs a lot of power. So if low the brightness of your laptop’s display screen, it will save a lot of battery backup.

Turn Off the wifi mode

It is not at all important to keep wifi on always. Wifi also waste battery power. so try to off wifi and on when it need which also save lot of battery power.

Service your laptops time to time.

Try to service your laptops time to time, because some time over heating problem occur in laptops which also consume lot of battery power. time to time service of laptop also increase laptops life longer.

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Turn off speaker, Bluetooth

Keep speaker, Bluetooth off when not required. Switch on Bluetooth only when you are using Bluetooth devices such as headphones or speakers.

Do not overcharge

You should have an inkling about the time required to fully charge your Laptops, Keeping your charger plugged in even after the battery is fully charged will puff up your battery in due course and thus shorten the lifespan of your laptop battery. So if your laptop is completely charged, always detach the charger.

SoPsychology Articles, In this article I am try to focusing on how to save power and make laptop battery last longer. These all points help you to save your laptop’s battery power.
I am sure there are many more ways to increase battery life. if you have know more please comment below.

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