iphone hidden features you should to know

iphone hidden features

Iphone hidden features- 3 hidden features

iphone hidden features: If you use iphone then you know the awesome features of iphone. You may not use all the features of iphone or you dont know maximum features.

iphone hidden features
iphone hidden features

In this post i will discuss some iphone hidden features which will help to the iphone users.

iphone hidden features:

Custom Vibration:

By using this feature you can use vibration alert of your own preferences. You can use this alert for incoming call or notification. The most advantage of custom vibration is that if you not set any ringtone, you can feel the vibrate to know about notification or phone call.

For creating custom vibration select this option-

Settings> Sounds> Ringtone> Vibration> Create New Vibration

Now select the vibrate type by touching the screen. For example, If you touch screen for two times at the same time then your phone will vibrate two times.

You can save your custom vibration now.

If you want to set custom vibration for specific contact, go to the contact edit option, then select custom vibration instead of ringtone there.

Keyboard Shortcut:

If you use keyboard shortcut for typing anything in iphone it will save your time and make your type fast. Suppose you write BD in keyboard, it automaticaly make it Bangladesh. To do this you need to use text replacement feature of iphone.

Settings> general> Keyboard> Text Replacement

Now click on + icon of screen which appear on the right side. A window will open, now write the word full word (Bangladesh) in phrase and in the shortcut write short word (BD), then click on save. Next when you will going to write short word it will be the full word.

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It make your time short to write anything. You can save your time by doing it.


Hide default app:

Apple install in your iphone minimum 30 apps default which you can not delete. This apps grab your space. Many of you may be dont like this. You can hide unnecessay app of your iphone.

Open this option- Settings> General> Restrictions> Enable restrictions-> In this stage you are ask to give your passcode.

You put your passcode.

Then it will show the pre-listed app. In the right side of the app, press the green button to enable “off” mood.

By doing this you can hide unnecessary app in iphone.



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