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Learn Programming

Learn Programming- Google CS Education

Learn Programming: Programming is a heaven if you feel it from your heart. Day by day peoples are getting interested to learn programming languages. Programming is fun. It is really amazing subject to build a career.

Do you have any idea how many programming languages are there? You can check it wiki but you dont need to learn all of them. You have to learn just common programming languages!

You may learn anything you want. It is completely depends on you what will you learn.

However, If you want to learn programming languages online then you can read this article first- Learn Prograaming Online- Best Websites

Go to this link and read the full article. It will help you to learn Programming.

But today i am here for you to share a great news. You will be happy to hear that Google’s new website to learn Computer Science and Learn Programming has live.

Google New website for learn Programming:

Google do lot of things to to make people aware of computer science and programming. Actually this post will be talking about Google’s latest effort to promote computer science and programming. Google launched a new Education website called Google CS Education which is a collection of different programming tools and other basic resources for the beginners.

Learn Programming
Learn Programming

This new site is essentially centered around three phases:

  1. Learn Computer Science
  2. Participate in Academic Opportunities
  3. Access Career Opportunities

The fundamental objective of Google CS Education site is to show software engineering in the most simplest way. So that even a child can learn such stuff.

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Here is another great thing that the page contains resources for both student and the educator. It also includes the coding tools and technology.

Apart from learning computer science and programming, all people can also use this portal to explore scholarships by visiting the ‘Participate in Academic Opportunities’ tab.

People can also explore multiple Contests and internships that are organized by Google by clicking on the ‘Access Career Opportunities’ tab.

This one-stop place for learning includes some well-known learning programs like Google’s Made with Code, igniteCS and CS First.


Final Words:

We all know that learning computer science is a way to investigate opportunities and implement your innovative ideas. With the new CS EDU website, you can access Google’s programs at one place and keep learning.

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