Make Computer Wifi Router- Tips and tricks

Make Computer Wifi Router

Make Computer Wifi Router- How turn your PC to Wifi Router

Make Computer Wifi Router: At home it is better to make a wifi router zone to use internet. Many user can use internet by just one connection. Generally people make a wifi router to use hotspot.

But If your laptop or desktop is operated by windows 10 then you will not need to spend extra money for making wifi zone.

Make Computer Wifi Router
Make Computer Wifi Router

It is really possible to start a hotspot just using windows 10 and a free application. The name of this helpful application is virtual router. It also work windows 7, 8, and windows server 12. It is really very simple task to make Computer Wifi router.



First of all you have to download this application and install it to make computer wifi router.

Download from here-

[easy_media_download url=”” text=”Download Free Wifi Router” width=”250″ height=”50″ color=”blue_four”]



  • Give a network name first and give a password. Others will see this network name.
  • Now you have to select the connection type. Here is two types of connection- ethernet connection and wifi connection. Choose any one from this.
  • Now you can start the virtual network.
  • Now any one can use your internet by giving correct password.
  • You can make the connection public or private.
  • You also management all the connection.
  • If you think there is unknown user has connected you can block those users.

Here is a interesting features is that you can share videos over the wifi network. More than 20 peoples can connected at a time in one router. It is actually depends on your internet speed too.

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Hope by reading this article you can now make Computer Wifi Router zone with your mates.

If you have any questions you may ask in comments below. Thanks a lot to every one.


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