Make Google chrome Fast on your PC- Tips and Tricks

Make Google chrome Fast on your PC

Make Google chrome Fast on your PC- 7 Killer tips


Make Google chrome Fast on your PC
Make Google chrome Fast on your PC

Make Google chrome Fast: Are you Google chrome lover? Which search engine do you prefer to use? Have you any suggestion about it?

However, Today I am going to tell something about Google Chrome.

There is a huge number of people use Google chrome for search anything. According to this it may say that Google chrome is the largest search engine in the World. Have you any doubt? Well, You can use Mozilla firefox, Sufferi, Opera or Explorer. But Google chrome is smart, stylish search engine i think.

So why Google chrome?

Here is the some reason-

  1. It is Smart.
  2. Google chrome has a awesome typography
  3. Suggest search terms
  4. Safe brows
  5. Unlimited Plugin/extension install
  6. Dont crash

But some users faces trouble too. Many numbers of people said that Google chrome is slow. But why?

Yeah this article will give you the secret tips how can you make Google chrome Fast?

Here is the tips you have to follow to make Google chrome fast-

  1. Erase useless plugin:

You have to erase all the useless extension to make Google chrome fast. Go to address bar ant write- ‘chrome://plugins’ and give enter. Plugins serial will open and you can disable useless plugin now. It will make your Google chrome fast from before.

2.  Utilize install plugins properly:

After erase useless plugins you need to proper utilize the installed plugin. You need to utilize the installed plugin properly to reduce the impact it on Google chrome. You can stop plugins unnecessary times when it will not needed.

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To do this, Go Settings. click “show advanced settings”. Then go to “content settings” under the “privacy”. Then select “Let me choose when to run plug-in content” from plugins. You are done.


3. Remove unnecessary extensions:

Sometimes extensions make your memory busy. Thats why Your pc go slow. To get rid form this problem go to address bar and right- ‘chrome://extensions’ and press enter. Then uncheck “enabled” option. Extension will stop to work. For permanently delete click on the dustbin icon.

4. Remove unnecessary tab:

We need to open many tabs for our work. But you can use a extension- “Great suspender”. It will close tabs after a certain time. So, tab will not grab your pc memory. If you need the tab again you can bring it just by one click. Here is a small problem that if you have no internet connection or if website address change then the tab will not get back.


5. Keep browser session:

If you dont want to close tab one by one, to reduce computer memory uses you can use- TabCloud+ (  and Session Buddy ( extension. This extensions will help you to keep all the sessions of your browser. There is no problem if you erase tab.


6. Keep stop Back ground “prefetching”:

Google chrome is a smart browser. It is observe your browsing history and make a decision himself which address do you want to enter. According to this Google chrome open some pages in background. This is called Prefetching. To stop this- Go “Show advanced settings” of privacy section. And uncheck “Use prediction service to load pages more quickly”.

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7. Use data saver:

There may also internet problem to load website page. In this case data saver can work for it. When you visit any website Google chrome loaded important article only. To install Data saver extension go here- Data saver install

Hope if you follow these tips your pc will run fast and Google chrome give you the best service. 🙂

Thanks a lot for reading this post.


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