Rank website Google first page SEO Tips

Rank website Google first page

Rank website Google first page SEO Tips

Rank website Google first page: In 2016, Google give most importance to about the article/content of a website/blog. At present time there is no value without writing good article.

Rank website Google first page, Google don’t rank small article or those article which is not informative actually.

Rank website Google first page- write Good article:

Rank website Google first page
Rank website Google first page

For rank your site in Google first page you have to write article with best quality. There is many tutorial or tips here and there for how can you write good article. Today i am going to share some of killer things about write good article, how to write.

Importance of write good article for rank website google first page:

rank website Google first page then what is your target first? Your first target of-course to bring your website to google first page in search by Google. Isn’t it? If you write quality type article/good article in your website/blog then you don’t have to run for rank website Google first, Google will run for you surly. Google will rank automatically. If your post come to first page then you will get more visitor must. All web specialist know that rank website Google first page means = More money. It is really true. If there is no visitor in your website then you will not get any importance about your blog. More visitor means more income. According to last update of Google, Google keep more importance about write good quality of article. So you have to must focus on how to write good quality of article for rank website Google first page.

Tips about write good quality of article to rank website Google first page:

  1. You always try to write elaborate article. Google wants this like of article which is contain much more information. Generally it is good to write within 300- 1500 words.
  2. Push to keep your keyword on title must for rank website Google first page. Visitor see first the title of a article. You have to focus on to write attractive title first. For example: 1.”Earn Money online” 2. “online earning idea”. Which one is best you think? You may analyze it using Google keyword and make a decision which one is best for rank website Google first page.
  3. Always push to keep keyword density within 2-3% on your article. Its so much beneficial for your article. Don’t try to use more keywords. It is call keyword stuffing which means search engine over optimize. This type article Google ignore fully. Try to omit this.
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Rank website Google first page
Rank website Google first page


Heading/Alt tag use:

  1. Use must h1,h2 heading tag in your article. Search engine see this as a title of your content. but dont try to use one heading twice. Google will give you a penalty as a gift for this!!!
  2. Make your keyword bold/italic/underline in your content.
  3. Your content font size should be within 15. It is user friendly. Keep this on mind that when you are going for write a article make it user friendly as much you can.
  4. ¬†Give appropriate image in important area. Must use alt tag for image. alt= “your alt text”.
  5. You have to make some sentence strong/underline/blod.
  6. After finishing your tune tell the user to share your article post to others.
  7. Finally try to make good article which is necessary for the visitors.


Best use of your keyword:

Keyword is most important things for your blog article. Without keyword you can not think about rank website Google first page. You have to know using keyword perfectly. Another thing is that, try to make a meta description of your content. You must keep your keyword on meta-description. You also keep your keyword on image alt tag.

To make beautiful view of your content try to make your keyword bold/underline.


Dont try to copy others article. If you copy others article you will not get visitor and google will penalty.So, here is the most important and valuable things i have covered about rank website google first page. There is more tips and tricks about SEO. I will write more about details next.

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