Remove Shortcut Virus From your Computer or Pendrive


Remove Shortcut Virus in Easy Way

Remove Shortcut Virus: Shortcut virus is a curse i think! Ha ha ha ha ha! 😛 Not really. It is just a virus only. It is not harm your PC much more but it is create some extra double empty folder on your computer.

If you delete shortcut virus it will return again. Actually it is not a virus. It is a VBS Script. So, if you get trouble of shortcut virus what will you do?

Today i am going to share with you a remarkable tips how can you remove shortcut virus from PC permanently.

You may see various tutorials internet to remove shortcut virus. Or you can also found a bunch number of software for removing shortcut virus. But in this tutorial i will show you how easily you can remove shortcut virus from computer without using any software.

Remove Shortcut Virus
Remove Shortcut Virus

If Your Computer is not affected:

  1. Go to RUN and press Enter.
  2. Write wscript.exe and press Enter again.
  3. In stop script after specified number of seconds: Write 1 and Click on Apply.


After doing this any shortcut virus will not affected your computer now. Is it not really easy process? Yeah just do this and see the magic.


Remove Shortcut Virus if your Computer is affected:

  1. Press ctrl+shift+esc on your PC.
  2. Go to process tab and press show process for all user.
  3. Search now wscript.exe file.
  4. Click on end process.
  5. Now go to C:/ drive on your computer.
  6. Delete all wscript.exe by pressing Shift+delete from search box.
  7. If any file not delete just skip it.
  8. Now go to RUN.
  9. Write wscript.exe and press enter.
  10. In stop script after specified number of seconds: Write 1 and Click on Apply.
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Remove Shortcut Virus if affected your pendrive:


  1. Attach your Pendrive into the computer then go to cmd.
  2. Write your Pendrive drive letter and press Enter. (Such as, You Pendrive drive letter may be I:/)
  3. Now write this Code very carefully-

attrib -s -h /s /d *.* and press Enter.

  1. Now check your file of your pendrive. If you see all the file data of your pendrive you can move those to your computer and then you can format your Pendrive. Your pendrive will be new.


I hope you will not get trouble for shortcut virus from now if you follow above tips what i have shown. If you can not get rid from this trouble yet please comment below.


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