SEO Trends in 2016- Important roles

SEO Trends

SEO Trends- You should practice

SEO Trends: SEO is the most common name in Internet world at this present time. SEO is a way to reach peoples about your products. Google and others search engine take steps to give a appropriate result of searcher by SEO.

Search engines often change their algorithm and improve search results. We see the new bloom of search engine now a days. Here a important thing is search engine structure that give us accurate result.

SEO is important for a website. If you know something about SEO or you are expert in SEO you have to follow some techniques. You also should maintain some current trends.

SEO Trends
SEO Trends

Today i am going to write some SEO trends in 2016 which should follow all SEO experts.

Social Media:

Socila Media is familiar day by day. Peoples connected with different types of social media like facebook, twitter to communicate each other. They share good things on social media. So, it is a great idea to share your content in social media. Google wants always show the most veiws of content to the users. If your any content is get huge number of share and like google will give the highest priority to those content. So it is necessary to use SEO in social media to increase traffic.


Mobile friendly website:

Most of the people use smartphone now a days. Peoples love to search anything from mobile. For using smartphone they can search in internet easily. So you have to remember one thing is that you should make mobile friendly website. You always need to give the clear idea about your website to the users. So if any user from mobile if dont see the content of your site then it is must essensial thing to make it responsive for all the device. You have to optimize your website for SEO. Google says it Mobilegeddon. In 2016 for SEO trends, it is most effective.

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Video Content:

Video content is the great way to describe anything clearly. If you write high quality content in your website it is also need to make video content. It will give the users perfect satisfaction. People feel good to watch video content instead of article. So, its much more benificial to make video content besides of article writing. It will grow up your SEO option. Video content is getting familiar at present Google trends.


Using of Schema:

You may know this word. Google works with Schema for long time ago. Main website of Schema is Some times when people search anything in Google they see the exact search result with rating. Suppose you are searching for tiramisu recipe then you will see a result look like this-

Schema do give a good result to the user. This type of structured content is getting popular day by day. So in SEO trends every SEO experts should follow this in this 2016.


Deep Link and technical SEO:

It is hard to find paid link now. SEO take the natural phases right now. Link building is not much more important at this present time. It can not impact any vital role now. You need to more and more share of your site content. Need some HTML formation for SEO. You have to think deep for SEO in 2016.


This major 5 things you should follow for SEO. This SEO Trends is becoming popular.

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