Setup Android operating system in Your Computer

Setup Android operating system

Setup Android operating system in your Laptop or Desktop

Setup Android operating system: Google’s Android operating system has completely revolutionized the world of smartphones. The availability of new and unique ideas bring realm of android smartphone. Many of us wants to use this unique and excellent operating system in PC or laptop. But the funny thing is that Google did not bring android operating system for laptop or PC version yet.

Setup Android operating system

So, what can you do now? Yeah guys, today i will show you how can you Setup Android operating system in your laptop.

There is many software for using android OS in PC, but BluStacks is the best among them. In another point you can also use this in your default OS system as a software. But you will not get the real taste of android and another thing is that it will make slow your PC.

Another system is here is called VirtualBox system. But i will not recommend you to use this system because it is so much disgusting to configure it with windows.

Are you frustrated now? Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Now here is the steps i am gonna show how can you Setup Android operating system on Your Computer.

Setup Android operating system : Necessary thing-

Setup Android operating system

  • You will need a Android operating system ISO file.
  • A disc burning software. If you want to setup it from pendrive then you will need a USBĀ  bootable software.
  • A blank DVD. ( If you dont want USB Setup)


  • First of all you have to download android ISO file, which one you want to setup. Android-x86 is a familiar project who serve different types of android version. Here you can download from old to new version of android. For download ISO file click here- Setup Android OS: ISO file Download
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  • After download right click on ISO file.
  • Select Burn Disc option. It will start Disc image burner program of default windows.
  • Now insert your blank DVD into the DVD player.
  • Copy your ISO file to the DVD. Your Bootable DVD is ready now.

For disc burning you can use this software- ashampoo

If you want to boot your pendrive then you can also find some software in internet. Rufus is the small software. It is only 616kb. To make pendrive bootable, download this software and install it. Run it in your computer. Select your ISO file and pendrive. Some times later you will see your pendrive has been bootable.

Setup Android operating system

  • Now this is the main time. Restart your PC by connecting DVD or pendrive.
  • Select Boot menu. ( Its generally F12)

Setup Android operating system

  • Its look like the picture has given below. You can see 3 options here. If you want android OS bootable to the pendrive or DVD then selct the first option or if you want setup in hard-disc then select last option.
  • Setup all things in general. After some time you will see your setup has finished. Android has setup on your PC successfully.
  • Open it using your Google ID.
  • Use android OS!!!!

Setup Android operating system

In this system you may use android OS as duel boot in your PC. You have to just select at starting point which one you want, android or windows?


Hope you can now use android OS system in PC. If you have any questions comments below.

Thanks to all.

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