Step by step instructions to Get Index Your New Blog Post Super Fast

Step by step instructions to Get Index Your New Blog Post Super Fast

Step by step instructions to Get Index Your New Blog

Well, Today i am going to cover about how you can get index your new blog post super fast way.

There are many new blogger around the world who revealed themselves in blogging sector everyday. But here is a simple problem is that many of those don’t know how to indexing there new post easily search engines with very fast way.

Many blogger had done spending lot of time in…

  • Searching topic for their next blog post
  • Doing research and writing post
  • Finding image and optimizing it for SEO

Still their post is not getting index by Google.

But why?

They all are of course thinking about that- why my new post are not appearing on google“?

Then now what will they do? What is the next step to get rid off this problem?

Do they just keep waiting for Google to come to their blog or website?

So is there any fast process to get index their blog post in fast way? and the answer is Yes!

Here I am going to write a detail post on getting your next blog post index super fast in Google or any search engine.

Step by step instructions to Get Index Your New Blog Post Super Fast
Step by step instructions to Get Index Your New Blog Post Super Fast

Write Quality Content:

This is the first step to get index your next blog post fast.

  • Do proper research about your topic and find keywords.
  • Write quality content.
  • Don’t copy from any other website. Create unique content your own, write a long blog post at least 500+ words.
  • Write blog posts regularly.
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About Backlinks:

Try to build backlinks from high page rank sites. Here are some of the best and common ways to build backlinks-

  • Guest Posting is the best way to build backlinks.
  • Blog Commenting is also better for backlinks.
  • Use Forums
  • Interlink your Blog Posts
  • Submit RSS feed to RSS directories
  • Write Unique content and that’s why others will love to link back.

Using of social Networking sites:

Do you know Social networking is also important as building quality backlinks? Here is the some social network site for publishing your post:

  • Google+ is playing vital role in this way. Try to get more Google+1 on your next blog post as much as you can.
  • Facebook: Use facebook and it will help you to get more traffic as well as getting index on Google Fast.
  • Twitter: Tweet your next blog post and try to mention other people in the tweet. They might also like to share.

There is also others social network like Path, LinkedIn, Tumbler. You can also share those sites your blog post.


Blog Commenting:

  • blog commenting is another way to get mor traffic. It will not only help you to get backlink as well as getting high page rank.
  • Do not leave “nice post” “thanks for sharing” comment on other blog.
  • Read post completely and then share your views about it in the comments!


Use of Pingtom Tool:

May be you heard this for the first time? Ping-O-Matic is a service to update different search engines that your blog has updated. It is very useful and will work for both WordPress or Blogger Users. Just go to Ping-O-Matric, enter your blog name, URL and feed URL. Select all the services and click SEND PING.

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Its really easy, isn’t it?

Update Ping List:

Don’t miss it! It is very very important to ping your blog. This method will only work for WordPress users.

In short words it means-

Pings are services to update different search engines that your blog has updated.

This step will work only in WordPress blog. Here is the tips about how to update the ping list in WordPress in few seconds:

    1. Login into your WordPress admin.
    2. Click on Settings>>Writing
    3. Scroll to the bottom and look for the Update Services section
    4. Delete the list current there. Click below list and Past the list into the text area
    5. Press Save Changes

The Results:

Once your new post get publish please follow all the above tips, you’ll start to see more traffic from Google search. The best way to ensure that your new content is discovered quickly is simply by sharing it on social media networks through status updates, especially on Google+.


If you got more idea about get indexing quickly new blog post feel free to share your tips in comments. You are welcome always.

Hope this post will be very helpful to the new bloggers. For more information you can also text me in my Facebook or twitter.

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