Torrent tutorial- How to use torrent and basic idea ( part-2)

Torrent tutorial- How to use torrent and basic idea

Torrent tutorial- Use of torrent and torrent site links

Torrent Download Basic: Guys, In the previous lesson i have covered torrent tutorial- how to use torrent some basic idea. You have learned what is torrent, torrents definition, uses area, etc. if you read the article. Today i am gonna show you how can you download movie, drama, software using torrent.

First of all you need to introduce with torrent downloader software. You have to download one of the torrent client software first.

I give some Torrent client download link below:

Torrent Download Link


You can download utorrent from here- Download utorrent or download torrent. Besides the windows version it has Mobile, Mac, Linux version too.


For download Bittorrent click here: Download Bittorrent or Download Bittorrent

Many people use bittorernt for its interface.


It is most favorite torrent client. To download click here: Download Bitlord

Further more there is many more torrent client also. rTorrrent, BitThief, FlashGet etc. You can download any of them to install. Try to install stable version. Dont use beta version. In my personal opinion, i recommend you to use Bittorrent or utorrent.


Torrent site list:

Now you may ask me from where you can download? Lets see some torrent download site now.  From this torrent site you can download movie, game, series, tv series very easily.


  1. ThePirateBay
  2. KickASS/CD/Full
  3. Torrentz
  4. ExtraTorrent
  5. YifyTorrents
  6. BitSnoop
  7. IsoHunt
  8. SumoTorrent
  9. Demonoid
  10. RarBG

You also uploaded your file in those torrent site. To upload anything you have to open a account first.

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Torrent site for Bangladesh:

You have already know torrent work as peer to peer system. The distance of your device with the inner device of your country is short thats why you get the fast speed. If you have a connection with BDIX then you get very fast speed to download anything.

Now lets see some Bangladeshi Torrent site. Most of the bangladeshi torrent use registration policy. You have to open a account to download. But all the torrent site is not same.

  1. TorrentBD –
  2. CrazyHD – –
  3. OntohinBD–
  4. Azibtorrent – (closed maybe for a short time)
  5. ETC torrent-


How to Download:

First of all You have to remember always that you should try download those file which is played for vast seeder and leechar. While you are going to download a file must the amount of seed. Therefore you also see the comments to confirm about the file.



Now first thing you have to search the desired file in your torrent site. You may search in google also. You may see different type of file format.

See my steps here. I search for “Avatar” Movie in Kickass. Here there is many types of files i have found. Which file you want to download click on the magnet link. When you click in magnet link, your torrent client will automatically open for load. Or you click on download the .torrent file will be download. See the picture below carefully.

Torrent tutorial- How to use torrent and basic idea
Torrent tutorial



If you click on magnet icon to download your file you see the new window will open like this, see the picture has given below. Select the location where you want store the download file. See the border line 1 in the picture. You also create a sub folder which is appear below of save in location. And in the indicated location of 2 you can uncheck the unnecessary file to download.

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Torrent tutorial- How to use torrent and basic idea
Torrent tutorial


Finally your file will start downloading as like this- see the picture-

Torrent tutorial- How to use torrent and basic idea
Torrent tutorial- How to use torrent and basic idea

Some things you will remember that if you see your download file dont start to download then check the seeder number of your file. More seeder means you download the file with very fast.

This is the all things of torrent tutorial. In this article i have just covered how to download and give you some torrent site.

Next article i will write how can you upload file in torrent.

Who miss the first article of torrent tutorial here is the link- torrent tutorial – how to use torrent and basic idea part one

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Thank you.


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Torrent tutorial- How to use torrent and basic idea
Torrent tutorial- How to use torrent and basic idea

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