Torrent tutorial- How to use torrent and basic idea

Torrent tutorial- How to use torrent and basic idea

Torrent tutorial- How to use torrent

Torrent tutorial- How to use torrent and basic idea
Torrent tutorial- How to use torrent

At present time who we are using internet everybody know about Torrent. But there is many people who dont know what is torrent, how it works, how to download file from torrent.

So today i am going to start a little series about torrent uses. In this series tutorial you can learn all necessary about torrent.You may get many Torrent tutorial in the internet. But in this article i will discuss about torrent with very simple word.What is Torrent?

Torrent is a process or a system of file sharing. Bram Cohen invented Torrent in 2001. After invention of torrent it had took the heart of all internet user. But besides the benefit of using torrent there is also some difficulty also. piracy have increased due to torrents. You can get all new release game, movie, drama, serial, software from torrent very easily. For this reason actually many firm get loss.

Torrent tutorial- How to use torrent and basic idea
Bram Cohen

Though it is illegal but the uses of torrent increasing day by day. Huge number of user use torrent for downloading paid apps, movie, and many more things. Normally we download something from server directly. We send a request by software to the server which contain file for download. When server permit to download file then we can download file. But torrent is not same as like this.So how to download file by using torrent?We know the full process but before we need to know something more now.Torrent:Torrent is a file sharing system which is works as p2p or peer to peer method.Torrent file:Torrent file is a .torrent extension meta file which works as a URL.

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In a simple word, who upload any file to torrent server is called torrent uploader. Others can download/seed from the uploader.


Seeder means when a person download a file from torrent she/he keep the file in torrent system to increase seed. The download speed depends on seed. If seed is huge the the file download speed is go fast.


When a person download a file but don’t seeding this is called leecher.


A server work to keep a relation to the file uploader and downloader. This server keep the connecttion okay by tracking. This is call Tracker.

Torrent Client:

You can not download general downloder to use torrent. You need to install Bittorerent, utorrent software. This software is called Torrent client.How work Torrent:First of all i would like to say torrent work as peer to peer. That means it work as a connection with a device to another device. You can not download by using any dowanloder software for torrent. It is a system that you download a file from any other computer who seed the file.

Torrent tutorial- How to use torrent and basic idea
Torrent tutorial- How to use torrent and basic idea

Suppose someone upload a movie on “” torrent site. Now you have downloaded the file. But before your download many people already have downlaoded. So, do you know from whom you downloaded the file actually? Your file downloaded from them who downloaded already and make a seed.

Well, I will discuss it more simply now:

Your file is downloading from the uploader pc. On the other side, who has downloaded already and give the seed, the file also downloaded from them part by part. Here also another thingĀ  when other people go for download they also take the benefit from you. That means if the seeder is high you can download the file with very fast. You also give a seed after finishing your download. For that reason other will helpful by you if on your seed of downloading file.

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Now you may ask what software you are going to use for torrent download?

Normal IDM or other software don’t work for it. You need to install a torrent client.

You can find those software:

  1. Bittorrent
  2. utorrent

This is the first tuts about torrent. In the next tuts i will cover how can you downlaod torrent, torrent creation and upload, use of torrent, carefulness of torrent, etc.


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