Upwork Rising Talent- Tips and Tricks for Freshers

Upwork Rising Talent

Upwork Rising Talent- How to gain it

Upwork Rising Talent: Hi, whats up all? Today i m here for a most important thing to discuss with all of you. Specially this is for the freshers who want to work in different market place mainly in Upwork.

Every freelancer know about upwork. Upwork is the biggest area of hiring freelancer. Here peoples post jobs from any where in the world by creating profile and freelancers get job by applying. To get a job a freelancer must prove himself/herself first.

Now a days in upwork it is little bit tough to get job for freshers. Sometimes they did not get job by completed some small works though.

There is new program upwork has started for freshers which is called RISING TALENT.

Upwork Rising Talent
Upwork Rising Talent

This article is all about Upwork Rising Talent and how how to gain it.

You have to do some extra work to get upwork rising talent badge. It is so simple. Just follow this step to get upwork rising talent badge:

Upwork Rising Talent

  • First of all you need to make your profile 100%. It will describes you most to the buyers. If your profile is not 100% completed try to give concentration to make it 100%. It is so much important thing to get a job. So dont go to the next step not doing your profile 100%.
  • You have to keep your availability status up to date. It is so much essential for every freshers. check this screenshot where you will find it in your profile-
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upwork rising talent
upwork rising talent


  • Always try to bid in appropriate job which is fit with your job skill. Some times freelancer bid wrong job. It will decrease your upwork rising talent. Suppose you are SEO expert but you bid on an Data entry type job. Recently upwork suspend this type ID who bid wrong places. See this picture the message from upwork as example-
upwork rising talent
upwork rising talent
  • You have to follow the terms and condition of Upwork. What type of condition you have to maintain to know click here- Freelancer Violations and Account Holds
  • When you will get a job, try to delver the work in the mean time. By doing it your job success will be increase and you will also one step closer to being a upwork rising talent.
  • Suppose you have got a job, now discuss clearly with the client how many time will you take to complete and you must deliver the work within that time.
  • Another important thing is that, if you want to be a upwork rising talent you need to active at least 90 days. ( Deliver proposal or deliver the work)

If you follow those steps which has describe above, you will get upwork rising talent.

There is some benefit of get upwork rising talent. Here is the thing-

Upwork Rising Talent- Benefits

  • If you get upwork rising talent it will remarkable to the buyer.
  • Your profile will add to a premium merit scholarships thats why top buyer will find you easily.
  • When you give a proposal to the client you will get 30 connects bonus which is totally free at a time.
  • You will get a access to chat with a support team and for tickets.
  • Upwork will help you to build a successful career in market place and they also share some valuable tips and tricks with you.
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So, may be you are now understand that how important to get a upwork rising badge. It will make your freelance life easy.

You may know more freelancing career tips by clicking here- Freelancing career tips- step by step tutorial (part-1)

Hope this article will help the freshers who want to build career in freelancing specially in upwork.

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Thanks a lot to all.


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