Use Google to Find E-Books At Your Local Libraries


Google has introduced a new feature that allows users to find e-books in stock at their local libraries.

After searching for the title of a book and loading the knowledge graph card, there will be a new option under the “Get Book” tab.

If the e-book version of the title you’re looking for is available to borrow from a local library, you will see it displayed underneath ‘libraries near you.’

After tapping on the name of the library where you want to borrow the book, you can choose to borrow it, sample it, or add it to your wish list.


As a company dedicated to connecting local communities, Google is now re-connecting people to a local service that was affected by Google’s own popularity.

With that in mind, it’s interesting to think Google has now created a way for people to use library services without ever having to leave its search engine.

Perhaps those who have moved their reading over to electronic mediums will rediscover what libraries have to offer, thanks to Google.

As with most new features lately, this appears to be only available on in mobile search.

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